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2012 Winter Beer Festival Ticket Outlets


Now that the outlets below are out of tickets the only other chance to get tickets will be Thursday, February 23rd when the Brewers Guild will auction off 10 pairs of tickets someplace in Grand Rapids (location TBD), with the proceeds being donated to charity. Pay attention to the MASH in February for an announcement about that event.

New Holland Brewing Co. – Holland ** SOLD OUT **
Siciliano’s Market – Grand Rapids ** SOLD OUT **
Rochester Mills Beer Co. – Rochester ** SOLD OUT **
Hopcat – Grand Rapids ** SOLD OUT **
Hideout Brewing Co. – Grand Rapids ** SOLD OUT **
Walldorff Brewpub – Hastings ** SOLD OUT **
Olde Peninsula Brewpub – Kalamazoo ** SOLD OUT **
Schmohz Brewing Co. – Grand Rapids ** SOLD OUT **
Michigan Brewing Co. – Webberville ** SOLD OUT **
Kuhnhenn Brewing Co. – Warren ** SOLD OUT **
Mt. Pleasant Brewing Co. – Mt. Pleasant ** SOLD OUT **
Motor City Brew Tours – (bus package) ** SOLD OUT **
Legend’s Sports Bar – (bus package from Paw Paw/Kalamazoo) ** SOLD OUT **
Ninth Bridge Market – (bus package from Ada) ** SOLD OUT **
Beggar’s Banquet – (bus package from Lansing) ** SOLD OUT **

The Festival takes place Saturday, February 25th from 1-6pm at Fifth Third Ballpark in Comstock Park, just north of Grand Rapids. Enthusiast Members are allowed entry ONE HOUR EARLY and the event takes place rain, snow, or shine! For more information about the Winter Festival click HERE. Participating breweries and a list of beers will be posted sometime in January.



  • Motor City Brew Tours is providing transportation to/from the Michigan Brewers Guild Winter Beer Festival – February 25th, 2011 at Fifth Third Ballpark in GR

    Tour Includes: Bus Transportation, beer on bus, in flight entertainment and water & snacks on the bus.

    Bus Transportation & $40 Festival Ticket: $79.99
    Bus Transportation Only: $39.99

    Ticket Link:
    For more Information: or call us: 248-850-2563

    We will be offering multiple pickup locations for the bus
    -Pickup #1a: In front of ‘Lily’s Seafood’ 410 S. Washington Ave. Royal Oak, MI 48067

    -Pickup #1b: Back of ‘Copper Canyon Brewery’ – 27522 Northwestern Hwy. Southfield, MI 48034

    -Pickup #2a: Back of ‘The Clubhouse Bar’ (next to Eastside Marios) – 2273 Crooks Rd. Rochester Hills, MI 48309

    -Pickup #2b: In front of ‘Redwood Lodge & Brewery’ -5304 Gateway Center Driver Flint, MI 48507

  • andy says:

    Only one outlet in SE MI? Will there be any more outlets?

  • Andy,
    There will only be more outlets in SE Michigan if the breweries ask for them. If there are, they will be added to this post. What’s the matter, don’t you want to visit me in Rochester???

  • andy says:

    Always, Eric, it’s just that I am closer to Webberville than Rochester!

  • Sarah says:

    Any idea if there will be a ticket outlet in Ann Arbor this year? Last year there were several.

  • Schmohz is sold out. See you at the park in Feb.

  • Jon Piepenbrok says:

    Kuhnhenn is sold out.
    See you in February for GR Beer Week (new this year) and the Fest!

  • Mike Winnie says:

    Any discount rates at downtown hotels?

  • Dave says:

    Yes,now for hotel deals please.

  • Adam says:

    Any extra tickets available? Please tell me where I could purchase them. I missed the festival last year because I had to be out of town and would hate to miss it again this year. Please let me know where I can find some tickets or purchase tickets that someone can’t use. Thanks.

  • Steve says:

    Will any tickets be available at the door?

  • Jack$$ says:

    Yes, I can’t believe I missed tix!! I need 6 tix if anyone knows of a place to get them or has some to sell. Thanks.

  • Tracy says:

    We have a Chartered Bus going out of Muskegon. Tickets $70.00 Each: This includes 1 Ticket into the Beer Festival, 1 seat on the Charter Bus, Parking, Bottle of Water, and snack. Leaving out of Muskegon. e-mail for more information.

  • Chris says:

    Looking for two winter beer fest tickets

  • Ding says:

    I’ve got some friends going, but missed the window to pick up my own tickets. Ah! If anyone picked up extras, or can’t make the date, send me some mail. I’d love to buy a pair of tickets from you.

  • Steve, unfortunately there will not be any tickets available at the gate for the Winter Festival.

    For those looking for hotels, we will post a list of most of them in the area. But if you want to find a room before we do that, you can look up the January 2011 Archives for the post from last year. It lists many hotels in the Grand Rapids area.

  • matt lefevre says:

    looking to buy tickets !!! willing to pay over face value !! can pay with cash or paypal instantly – please help me out i want to come over with some buddies from the detroit area – please email

  • Nick says:

    Ever consider doing a 2nd day? like friday-saturday, if this sold out in “record time” there’s obviously a high demand for it. just a thought 🙂

  • Nick, yes we have considered making the WBF a 2-day event like the Summer Festival… there are just a lot more logistical issues that need to be considered in regards to freezing temps overnight, snow management, lighting (shorter days), etc. But we are working on that as a possibility.

  • Darien Dorris says:

    I know it’s a longshot but does anyone have any extra tickets they are willing to sell, I would greatly appreciate it, if so please email me

  • Ross says:

    Seriously? Why is there a limit set for ticket sales? The more the merrier? Amirite?? WTF?? I’ve been there each of the last 3 years and there has been PLENTY of space for extra beer enthusiasts. C’mon MBG. Don’t be lame.

  • Joe Duris says:

    Is anyone needing a ride to and from Lansing. There are 2 of us, but if we could find 5 more people who are interested we could split a Shaggin Waggon ride to and from the Fest. Not sure on the cost yet, I’m guessing 20-30 per person. Check out their site for details.

    Post something here, or email me at

  • Val says:

    I’m looking for two extra tickets. Please let me know if you have any! My e-mail:

  • Jeff says:

    When do the hotels discounts get posted?

  • Matt says:

    For those who didn’t get tickets you might consider making the journey to The Beer Dabbler Winter Carnival in St Paul Mn 70 breweries, unlimited samples, live music. Voted 4th best winter event by National Geographic. Ticket are still available but will sell out sometime next week. Jan 28th.

  • Jeff says:

    how long before the hotel discounts get posted? dont want to drive all the way to GR and have nowhere to stay.

  • Brenna says:

    Maybe I’m missing it, but is the list of brewers/beers “attending” going to become available soon?

  • Noel Basquin says:

    Looking for anyone trying to sell tickets. Please email me at if you any available.

  • Kristin says:

    I to sadly missed the opportunity to buy tickets thought I had plenty of time then saw they sold out super fast :(:( I know it’s a long shot but if anyone has 2 tickets to sell please let me know I’ll pay over face value

  • Ashley K says:

    So excited for this festival every year. Can’t wait to go to my favorite Michigan breweries!!

  • Rob says:


    Looking for 2-4 tix. Let me know of something happens and any become available.



  • Dave says:

    Where are the listings of local hotel deals? Please don’t post them well after they have sold out!!!!!Thanks

  • Kimberly says:

    Beyond bummed about the quick sellout. We go every year and will still be headed to Grand Rapids that weekend with the hope of scoring four tickets. If not, we’ll be doing our own tasting of Grand Rapids’ best brews. if anyone needs to unload theirs at the last minute. 🙂

  • Ross,
    We have to put a limit on how many tickets we sell to ensure a safe event, and a good experience for those who are in attendance. While there is always extra space in our festivals, if we fill all that up the beer lines will be unbearable. Plus we have to order a specific quantity of beer for the quantity of people we expect… It is much more complex than this, so if you would like the entire explanation of what goes into planning our events I would be happy to share it with you directly.

    As for the hotel list, it is coming soon. For anyone who wants to contact hotels please go to our Archives list on the home page of the MASH and go to February 2011 and look for the post from last year.

  • Dave says:

    Already secured a “rate”. Just thought people would like to know that 3 of these Archived hotels from last year say that the MBG rate blocked rooms have all booked up.The clerk felt sorry for us and gave me a rate that was fair but nothing as “fair” as last years rate. What gives? Who are these rates really for? Who has taken them(rooms) before they are actually on any list for this years event?

  • Tammie says:

    Looking for 4 tickets. Please let me know if anyone would like to sell them.


  • Jonathan says:

    if you live near Ann Arbor or Ypsilanti consider taking their beer bus, it’s a great time with coffee & bagels, along with beer on the bus. and buy tickets soon – (the following is from Corner Brewery’s facebook page)

    Corner Brewery
    Heads up Corner/Arbor fans: We have only sold a total of 12 beer bus tickets to the Michigan Brewers Guild Winter Beer Fest. If we do not sell 40 more tickets by February 9th, we will have to cancel the bus. So if you planned on getting tickets – call or stop in Corner or Arbor today! Tickets are $35 – For more details call Corner at 734.480.2739 or Arbor at 734.213.1393.

  • Joe says:

    Are teh DD tickets available at the door? or are they sold out too?

  • Miller says:

    I have a feeling that a lot of people will be purchasing DD tickets so they can get in, then have someone get the drinks for them since beer tickets can be purchased throughout the day.

  • Joe, you have to inquire about DD tickets at the gate. If you can prove that you are actually the DD for people, one will be available.

    In response to Miller’s comment…we do police the DD ticket holders with our staff, brewery staff, ballpark staff, and security. Unfortunately we have had to kick people out of the festival in the past for trying to cheat the system. If somebody can honestly feel good about themselves for taking advantage of an option that we provide to encourage safe transportation while drinking…then I have no respect for them. And if caught will be escorted out of the event and possibly publicly embarrassed. My suggestion for those trying to find a way into the festival – buy tickets sooner.

  • camille says:

    Any way tickets can be bought day of? Bummer.

  • Nancy says:

    I have one ticket for sale. contact if interested

  • Dan says:

    Hey Nancy. I’m very interested in your ticket, if you haven’t sold it yet. call me at 616-298-9122. Dan

  • Marci says:

    Can you still get designated driver tickets?

  • Marci says:

    nevermind, I see the answer above…sorry about that.

  • Matt says:

    Something came up and I have 2 tickets to sell. Email me if interested at

  • Dalana says:

    Is there a map available yet of the layout?

  • JF says:

    I have one ticket available. Please leave your email if interested and I will contact you. Cheers!

  • John says:

    I have two tickets for sale face value call 616606090 to arrange.

  • John says:

    Whoops missing a digit 616-606-0690 🙂

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