Musicians for U.P. Festival Announced

We’re happy to announce that the following talented artists will be performing at the U.P. Fall Beer Festival this Sept. 7 at Mattson Lower Harbor Park in Marquette.

  • Chasin’ Steel – premier UP bluegrass band
  • Blackrocks Electric Band – eclectic original songs by Andy and cool covers
  • Green Gene

Tickets for the U.P. Festival can be purchased at select local retail establishments as well as online.

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2 Responses to Musicians for U.P. Festival Announced

  1. Tom Lesh says:

    Do you have a list of breweries who will be participating and any lodging recommendations in the area? Thanks!

    • Shannon (Communications Manager) says:

      Yes – in fact, we will post a list of participating breweries and beers within a day. Stay tuned!

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