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[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”51 North Brewery”]
Paint Creek Tangerine Wheat
Fermenta Midnight Spell – American Black Wheat
Snowbank – Chocolate Honey Wheat
Night Life – Munich Dunkel
High Alpha IPA

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”57 Brew Pub & Bistro”]
Black Bear IPA
Dirty Blonde
Nick’s Ginger Ale
Aztec Barrel Aged

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Arbor Brewing Co. Microbrewery”]
Buzzsaw – American IPA
Michael Faricy’s Irish Stout
FIGJAM Quadruple – Belgian
Sticky Tree – Amber
Mr. Delicious – Imperial IPA
Eik Zon – Sour IPA
Framboozled – Sour
Flamboyant Red – Sour
Demetrius Aged Pale Ale – Sour
40 Years Gone – IPA
Firkin of Mr. Delicious

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Arcadia Ales”]
Nut Brown – English Brown Ale
Hop Rocket – Imperial IPA
War Craft – Barrel Aged Double Black IPA
Loch Down – Scotch Ale
Rapunzel – Wheat IPA
Cereal Killer – Barley Wine
Russian Imperial Stout
London Porter
Ryesinburg – Session Rye Ale
Big Dicks – English Old Ale
Cannon Ball Gold – Wet Hopped Golden Ale
Hop Mouth – Double IPA
IPA Hogshead Cask
Big Dickicle – Ole Ale Ice Beer

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Atwater Brewery”]
Dirty Blonde
Vanilla Java Porter
Decadent Dark Chocolate
VooDoo Vator
Purple Gang Pilsner
Poorboy Smoked Porter
Corktown RyePA
VJ Black Imperial Stout
Shaman’s BBA Porter
Winter Bock
Cherry Stout

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”B. Nektar”]
Coconut IPA
Mexican Chocolate Porter
Coffee Brown
Sage Lime Wit
Zombie Killer – Mead

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”BAD Brewing Co.”]
BBA Honey Otter IPA
BBA Belgian Dark Strong
Hop Resolution DIPA
Chocolate Covered Coffee Brown
Hot Scotch – infused with habaneros
Super D’s IPA
Mud in Your Rye – Rye Stout
Mint Chocolate Stout
Imperial Stout
Spiced Winter Warmer
Belgian Tripel
Chestnut Brown
Grape Cider

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Beards Brewery”]
Oh the Citranity! – American Pale Ale
“Luna” – Wheat Saison
Cherry Saison
PomeGalactic – Experimental IPA
Who’s Your Pater? – Paters Beer
Serendipity – Sexy Porter
Godin – Belgian Pale Ale

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Bell’s Brewery – Friday Tapping”]
Expedition Stout  – pre-2008 vintage
Expedition Stout  – 2008
Expedition Stout  – 2009
Expedition Stout  – 2012
Third Coast Old Ale – 2004
Third Coast Old Ale – 2008
Third Coast Old Ale – 2009
Third Coast Old Ale – 2012
Cherry Stout  – 2001
Cherry Stout  – 2008
Cherry Stout  – 2012
Cherry Stout  – 2009
Eccentric Ale – 2001
Eccentric Ale – 2003
Eccentric Ale – 2004
Eccentric Ale – 2005
Eccentric Ale – 2008
Double Cream Stout
Black Note   – 2012
Black Note   – 2014
Batch 9000 Strong Ale
Beer Michigan Barleywine
Winter White – CANS

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Bell’s Brewery – Saturday Tapping”]
Two Hearted IPA
Smitten – Golden Rye Pale Ale
Winter White  – Belgian Inspired White Ale
Third Coast Old Ale – American Barleywine
Black Note – Barrel Aged Stout
Cherry Stout
Harry MaGill’s Spiced Stout
Raspberry Ale
Bear Hug Stout
Cinnamon Sunrise  – Barrel Aged Double Cream Stout w/ cinnamon
Expedition Stout
Honey Hearted  – Barrel Aged Two Hearted w/ honey, lemon zest, orange zest, champagne yeast
Java Stout
Quince Third Coast Old Ale – Barrel Aged Barleywine w/ Quince
Kal-Haven – Foeder aged rye ale with brett
Quince Love – Barrel Aged Wheat Love w/ Quince
Consecrator  Dopplebock
Hopslam – Double IPA
Le Contrebassiste – Biere De Garde – foeder aged with brett
Wild Berry Rye – Barrel Aged Smitten w/ fruit added

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Big Buck Brewing Co.”]
Raspberry Wheat
Doc’s ESB
Chocolate Milkshake Stout
Barley Wine
Brown Ale
Bourbon Brown
Belgian Quad

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Big Lake Brewing Co.”]
Ryecoe IPA
Leroy Brown – Brown Ale
Chinook Strong – Strong Ale
Dark Star – Breakfast Stout
BB Darkstar – Bourbon Barrel Breakfast Stout
BB Porter – Bourbon Barrel Porter
BB Elroy – Bourbon Barrel Imperial Brown Ale

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Black Lotus Brewing Co.”]
Hip Hops IPA
Black Bottom Bourbon Oak  Aged Stout
Hotto Chokoretto Chocolate Ghost Pepper Porter
The Gift Belgian Stong Ale
Winter is Helles Lager
Ninja-Pirate Barley Wine
Super Hotto Fire Atsui Challenge

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Blackrocks Brewery”]
Grand Rabbits Dry Hopped Cream Ale
Coconut Brown
North Third Stout
Barrel Aged Barbaric Yawp – Strong Scotch Ale
Nevin’s Double Headed Battle Polar Bear – Red IPA
The Toaster – English Old Ale
Float Copper
Root Scoot Ginger IPA
Mint Porter
Occam’s Pilznor
Potter’s Bedtime Porter  – w/chocolate and vanilla
G&T Ale (Gin & Tonic Ale) – American Pale
Nonconformist Scotch Ale
Machine Wolves Brown – w/ peppers
Whole Bowl of Turkey Gravy – Experimental Amber Ale
Bhairava’s Equation Stout – w/ mint, ginger, chili peppers
Cinco Cinco Session IPA

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Blue Tractor BBQ & Brewery”]
Fermenta: Black Moon on the Ryes – Black Rye IPA
For a Few Shillings More – Scotch Ale
Coconut IPA
Jalapeño Porter
Sioux City Smokehouse – Sarsaparilla Amber Ale

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Boatyard Brewing Co.”]
Scuttlebutt IPA
Gingerbread Man Overboard Imperial Porter (Fermenta)
Rear Admiral Rye Stout
Lake Effect Double IPA
Siren’s Song BBA Russian Imperial Stout
Cale Seche Imperial Saison
Halekai Very Pale Ale
Goldilocks’ Golden Rye
Eclipse Porter
Dead Eye BBA Rye Stout
One-Legged Pirate Russian Imperial Stout

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Brewery Ferment”]
Geezer – Old Ale
Just Clownin’ Abrownd – Imperial Brown Ale
Saison Duex Fois Plus Forte – Imperial Saison
TC Black – Sour Stout with Cherries and Spices
Fermenta’s Stone Heart – Imperial Stout
Captain Scorch – Ghost Pepper Stout
Lady Belma – Imperial IPA
Ginger Singe – Sour Ginger Ale

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Brewery Terra Firma”]
Batch 500 IPA
Black Orchid Vanilla Bean Porter
Earth Day Triple IPA
John Henry Oatmeal Stout
Old Ferret Legger Strong Ale
Scottish Moor Heather Ale
SnowBound Chocolate Mint Stout
Pipes and Drums Scotch Ale

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Brewery Vivant”]
Wizard Burial Ground – Bourbon BA Belgian Quadrupel
BARRP – BA Raspberry Rye Porter
Paris – Red Wine BA Zaison
Sgt Baker – BA Rye Ale w/Green Peppercorns
Dandy Man – Oak-Aged Sour Hoppy Ale
Paisley’s Pajamas – BA Undertaker w/Coffee & Cayenne Pepper
Sous Chef – Red Wine BA Spelt Amber
Fat Paczki – Belgian Inspired Ale w/Prunes & Powdered Sugar
Pothole Stout – Belgian Inspired Coffee Stout w/Rowster Coffee
Ski Patrol – Belgian Inspired Wit w/Orange Peel & Cardamom
Tart Side of the Moon – Dark Farmhouse Ale
Egoiste – Ancho-Rauch Beer
Bon Papa – Farmhouse IPA
The Great Work – Belgian Strong Golden Ale

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Cellar Brewing Co.”]
Dunk the Monk – Bourbon Barrel Aged Belgian Quad
Hyperion  – Imperial Red Ale
Mocha Java Stout – Imperial Coffee Stout
Broken Hearts – Red IPA
Itsa Duesy – Duesseldorf Altbier
Black Magic RyPA
Vanilla Porter
Monkey Wrench – Imperial IPA
Jon Brown

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Cheboygan Brewing Co.”]
Blood Orange Honey – American Wheat
Bourbon Oak Imperial Cinnamon Hefeweizen
IPA #11
Red Sail – American Medium Amber

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Chelsea Alehouse Brewery”]
Hollier 8 – Hopped Double  Black Ale
Brook Trout Cream Stout
Morchella Rye Porter
BBA Hillwalker Scotch Ale
Batch 101  – Imperial Stout
Citra Moon IPA

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Cotton Brewing Co.”]
Banana Nut Beer – Wheat
Chocolate Crème (Fermenta Beer) – Sweet Stout
Pecan Pie Ale – Brown
Rauchschwein – Smoked Beer
Vanilla Caramel Red
Carolina Reaper Pepper Porter
Persistence (Continuously Hopped IPA)

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Cranker’s Brewery”]
Propaganda Red IPA
Professor IPA
Bourbon Barrel Aged Belgian Amber
Bourbon Barrel Aged Wheat Wine
5th Voyage Coconut Porter
Swede Hill Pilsner
Torchlight Helles
Oatmeal Stout on Coffee
2013 Old Siberian – Vintage Strong Ale
Coffee Amber on Firkin (Tapped Fri @ 4pm)
BA Belgian Amber w/Vanilla Bean, Firkin (Tapped Sat @ 2pm)

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Dark Horse Brewing Co.”]
Crooked Tree IPA
Raspberry Ale
Boffo Brown Ale
Reserve Special Black Ale
Amber Ale
Scotty Karate Scotch Ale
Thirsty Trout Porter
ONE Oatmeal Stout
TOO Cream Stout
TRES Blueberry Stout
FORE Smoked Stout
Plead the 5th Imperial Stout
Double Crooked Tree Double IPA
4 Elf Winter Warmer
Bourbon Barrel Plead the 5th Imperial Stout
Sour Plead the 5th Imperial Stout
Rain In Blood Orange Pale Ale
Barracuda Blue Pale Ale
Jerkily Belgian Maple Porter
Demeter’s Lament Imperial Pomegranate Brown Ale
Run-Out Ginger Brown Ale
Chochili Stout – Chocolate Chili Stout
Porp 066 Stout
Rum Barrel Aged 4 Elf Winter Warmer
Tequila Square Pants House Saison
BlackBush Black IPA
Shake Maple Porter
Drie Paar Bennen Bourbon Barrel Aged Belgian Maple Porter
3 Pairs of Legs Bourbon Maple Porter
6 Pairs of Legs Maple Syrup Bourbon Barrel Maple Porter
Bourbon Barrel TRES Blueberry Stout

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Detroit Beer Co.”]
Detroit Dwarf – Altbier
Local 1529 IPA – Imperial Session India Pale Ale
Little Wings – Belgian Pale Ale
King Wan’s Black Lager

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Dragonmead Microbrewery”]
St. Nicole’s Weizenbock
Russian Imperial Stout
Final Absolution – Belgian Style Trippel
Bourbon Barrel Aged Under the Kilt – Strong Scotch Ale
Sin Eater – Belgian Style Dark Strong Ale
Castlebrite Apricot Wheat
Armageddon Grand Cru – Belgian Style Grand Cru
Jason’s IPA

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”EagleMonk Pub and Brewery”]
Red Eye Rye
Vienna Dark Lager
Marcy Street Stout
Winter Warmer – English Olde Ale
Michigan White – American Wheat Ale

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Elk Brewing Co.”]
Coffee Porter
Barley Wine
Chocolate Stout
Rye Stout
Raspberry Porter
Black IPA

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Eternity Brewing Co.”]
Torn in Two IPA
Teeko Coffee Stout
Rebel Heart Imperial IPA
Noble Throne Imperial Stout
Imperial Complication (Fermenta) – It’s complicated
Strawberries ‘n Cream – Belgian Specialty Fruit Ale
Caribbean Coffee Imperial Stout

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Fetch Brewing Co.”]
Ryptide – Rye IPA
Swagger DIPA – Double IPA
Mad Swag TIPA – Triple IPA
Smolder – Smoked Chipotle Porter
Tree Stump Stout – Coffee Stout
Muscles from Brussels – Belgian Oatmeal Blonde

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Final Gravity Brewing Co.”]
Uranus On Fire – Jalapeño Amber
XXX BBA – Whiskey Ale
The Rock IPA
High Hopes – Hemp Seed Amber Ale
The One – Extra Pale Ale
Eye-Opener BBA – Imperial Coffee Stout
1838 Alt Bier
Sambasilmint Saison
Dubbel Bubbel – Belgian Dubbel
FG Porter
Ira’s Revenge – Dark IPA
Big Boy Pants IPA

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Founders Brewing Co.”]
All Day IPA – Session Ale
Backwoods Bastard 2014 – Scotch Ale Aged in Oak Bourbon Barrels
Big Lushious – Stout Brewed with Chocolate and Raspberries
Black Rye – Dry Hopped Dark Ale Brewed with Rye
CBS – Imperial Stout Brewed with Chocolate and Coffee Aged in Maple Syrup-Bourbon Barrels
Curmudgeon Old Ale 2014 – Brewed with Molasses and Oak Aged
Dark Penance – Imperial Black IPA
Dirty Bastard – Scotch Ale
Imperial Stout
KBS 2014 – Stout Ale Aged in Oak Bourbon Barrels
Mosaic Promise – Single Hop, Single Malt Beer
Red’s Rye IPA

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Frankenmuth Brewery”]
Christmas Town Ale
Tornado Black IPA
Old Detroit Amber Ale
Little Bavaria Pilsener
The Hef – Hefeweizen Ale
2015 Imperial Stout
Wicked Warlock Imperial IPA
Oatmeal Stout
Big Hoppa IPA
Mug Shot Stout

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Gonzo’s BiggDogg Brewing”]
Saxon Action – Imperial IPA
Face Tank – American Barleywine
SPCIPA – Session IPA
Vanilla Porter
Dunnie the Bounder – Scotch Ale
Cloak of Darkness – Black IPA

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Grand Rapids Brewing Co.”]
Distinguished Eagle – Imperial Stout aged in BB (WBC 2nd place winner) (Saturday)
Empress Bliss – Imperial Blond fermented with mango and infused with mango tea
Downtown Dank – Imperial IPA w/Citra and Simcoe hops
Philanthropist  – Barleywine aged in bourbon barrels
Rye Heart(well)Bock – Rye with Crystal Hops from NMO hopyard
Pilot Moon Porter – Brewed with Pilot House Smoked Rye
Decadent Eagle – Imperial sour cherry stout aged in vanilla BB

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Grand River Brewery”]
Monkey Mouth – American IPA
Hunk O’ Burnin’ Love – Peanut Butter Banana Belgian Strong Ale
Ryes and Shine – Breakfast Rye IPA with Coffee
2 Heads are Better Than 1 – Smoked Pig’s Head Porter
Black Ace – Imperial Stout
Pirate’s Paradise DIPA – Double IPA with Pineapple, Coconut, Lime aged in Rum Barrels
Grain Tree Brown – MI Chestnuts, Vanilla, and Cocoa Nibs aged in Whiskey Barrels
Sappy Daze – Maple Belgian Dark Strong Ale
Cherry Poppins’ – MI Cherry Saison
Turn Your Head and Coffee – PeaNUT Butter Coffee Porter
Frozen to the Bone – Iced Sour Imperial Stout

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Gravel Bottom Craft Brewery & Supply”]
Rusty Nail – Ginger Bourbon Barrel Aged Scotch Ale brewed w/ Hot Rocks
Golden Fiddle  – Ginger Bourbon Barrel Aged Belgian Strong Ale
RISen Dead  – Maple Bourbon Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout
Jolliest Trolley  – Maple Bourbon Barrel Aged Ginger and Cinnamon Holiday Ale
Chronic Procrastinator  – Bourbon Barrel Aged Dopple Bock
Broken Ryesolutions  – Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged Double Black IPA
Red Ryeding Hood  – Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged Cherry Blond Ale
Jonny Applebottom  – Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged Apple butter Brown Ale
DandiLion – Vanilla Porter
Hill Top  – Wheat IPA
Bottom’s Up  – Amber Ale
Skullduggery – American IPA
Lion Heart  – Raspberry Chocolate Porter
Susi Q – Hibiscus & Rose Hip Cream Ale
Bucket Foot  – Black IPA
New Years Flight – Session Black IPA
New Years Hopsolution  – Double Black IPA

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Great Baraboo Brewing Co.”]
Dark Helmet Dunkelweizen
Chocolate Stout
Huge Melons Imperial IPA
Blackstone Porter
Cady’s Corner Session IPA
Raspberry Wheat

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Greenbush Brewing Co.”]
Mulehead – Belgian Farmhouse
The Ugly – Red Rye IPA (Paw Paw & Right Brain collab.)
Mr. Hyde – Coffee Cream Stout
Pyrrhic Victory – Black Hefeweizen (GLBC collab.)
Indispensable – IPA w/mandarina hops
Retribution – Belgian Hybrid Ale
Terminator X – American Strong Ale
PHD – Malt Liquor
There Are Owls in the Roadhouse – Raspberry Porter
Dystopia – Russian Imperial Stout
Helmet of Remnar – Imperial Blonde Ale
1825 – Belgian Strong Ale
LTD – “Old Fashioned” Ale
2 Biggie – Barleywine (Batch Brewing collab.)
Litigious – Double Black Ale (Three Aces collab.)
Middle Finger of Buddha – Belgian Strong IPA w/hand of Buddha (Haymarket Brewery collab.)
Brother Benjamin – Imperial IPA w/honey
VanderBush – American Tripel w/Vander Mill cider
Damn Dirty Ape – Banana Bread Brown Ale
Pain – Imperial Cream Stout
Cabra Perdida – Blueberry Imperial Cream Stout
Krampus I – Winter Barleywine
BA One and the Same – Raspberry Ale
BA Apathy – Oatmeal Stout
BA Unicorn Killer – Pumpkin Ale
BA Pete’s Original Red Hot – Cinnamon Oatmeal Winter Warmer
BA Mr. Hyde – Coffee Cream Stout
BA Terminator X – American Strong Ale
BA Doomslayer – Maple Brown Ale
BA The Birds Sing a Pretty Song – Blackberry Porter
BA There Are Owls in the Roadhouse – Raspberry Porter
BA Dystopia – Russian Imperial Stout
BA Helmet of Remnar – Imperial Blonde Ale
BA 2 Biggie – Barleywine (Batch Brewing collab.)
BA Litigious – Double Black Ale (Three Aces collab.)
BA VanderBush – American Tripel w/Vander Mill cider
BA A Sheep In Tall Grass – Scotch Ale (Right Brain Brewery collab.)
BA Cabra Perdida – Blueberry Imperial Cream Stout
BA Krampus I – Winter Barleywine
Brother Hezekiah – Barrel-Aged Imperial IPA w/honey
Delusion (Journeyman) – Barrel-Aged Imperial Cream Stout
Delusion (Koval) – Barrel-Aged Imperial Cream Stout
Delusion (Templeton) – Barrel-Aged Imperial Cream Stout
Mr. Hyde w/Orange – Coffee Cream Stout
Pumpkin’ Ain’t Easy – Sweet Potato Ale
Trucker Tussle – Candy Ale w/Warheads
Logjammin’ – Oaked Blonde Ale w/strawberry jam
Fuster Cluck – Double Star Chicken Shotgun IPA
Original Sinnamon – Vanilla Bourbon Apple Cinnamon Ale
Round Midnight – Wheat Stout

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Griffin Claw Brewing Co.”]
Norm’s Raggedy Ass IPA
Go Figure  – Black IPA
Combative Quad – Quadrupel
Flying Buffalo – Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
Coffee Stout
Third Rail Tripel
Blueberry Ice Tripel
Dark Passenger – Barrel Aged Psychotic Trip
Project Clementine IPA
Mr. Blue Sky – American Wheat Ale
Oblivious – Wheat Wine
Wicked Wit – Sour Wit

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Grizzly Peak Brewing Co.”]
Herr Doktor Vorlauf’s Monster (Fermenta Collab) – Rye Wine
Ann Arbor Star Butron Porter – India Porter
Moragh’s Monster  – Rye Wine with Rye Whisky oak chips (Friday Only)
Burton-Brussels Express  – Wood-Aged Burton IPA (Friday Only)
Le Poisson Rouge  – Wood-Aged Red Ale (Saturday Only)
Edwyn’s Warm Up Ale  – British Strong Ale with Cascades and Centennial hops (Saturday Only)

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Harmony Brewing Co.”]
Winternights – Winter Warmer
Capricorn – Chocolate Doughnut Absinthe Stout
Fée D’Hiver – Belgian Dark Strong With Sugar Plums
Birthday Barleywine – 100% Michigan Hop Barleywine
Oli Bollen – Spiced Winter Wheat
Aphrodisiale Cask – Chocolate Honey Porter With Coconut
Fermenta Ruborosa – American Amber Ale With Beets
Deep End – Imperial Stout
Deep End Cask #1 – Imperial Stout With Espresso And Mesquite
Deep End Cask #2 – Imperial Stout With Choc. And Coconut
Black Perle – 100% Michigan Hop Sea Salt Stout
Black Squirrel – Peat Smoked Porter

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Hideout Brewing Co.”]
Apple Rancher Wit
Watermelon Rancher Wit
Triggerman IPA
Gangster IPA
Oatmeal Stout
Peanut Butter Chocolate Stout
Russian Imperial Stout
Baby Face IPA
Peach Creme Ale
Coconut Almond Brown
Boozehound Brown
Bearcat Spicy Red
Pumpkin Peach Ale
Espresso Brown
Smuggler’s Hazelnut Stout
Fresh Pepper Red
Rebellion Mead

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”HopCat”]
Oil Rigger – Russian Imperial Stout (Friday tapping)
Red Nymph – Flander’s Style Red (Saturday tapping)
La Chouette D’Or – Belgian Trippel
Amour Fou – Belgian Imperial Stout w/ cherry, coconut, cacao
S’more Sassiness – Imperial Smore Stout (Pussy Cat Beer Guild Collab)
NoNoNéeNée – Imperial IPA – For Renee!
Chur Boy’s Wheat Pale – with simcoe/citra/equinox

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Jaden James Brewery”]
Monkey Butter – Porter
Wee Heavy Scottish Ale (limited time release)
Cream Ale
Russian Stout
Black IPA

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Jamesport Brewing Co.”]
JBC Alt Bier
JBC Carr Creek IPA
JBC Scottish Strong

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales”]
Maracaibo Especial – Brown Ale with cacao nibs, bitter orange peel, and cinnamon
Bam Biere – Farmhouse Style Ale
Madrugada Obscura – Dark Dawn Stout
Saison X – Saison with Candied Ginger, Orange/Lemon Peel, and Peppercorns
Oro de Calabaza – Artisan Golden Ale
Saison PDQ – Sour Saison

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Kuhnhenn Brewing Co.”]
DRIPA – Double Rice IPA
The Fluffer Session IPA
Penetration Porter
Simcoe Silly – Dry-hopped Belgian Golden Strong
Metry’s Winter Lager – High-Gravity Lager
Aldebaran – Belgian Amber Double-IPA
1300 Miles to Home – Belgian-Black-Triple-Rye-IPA
Samoa Nut Brown – Tastes Like a Girl Scout Cookie!
Imperial Crème Brule Java Stout
Baltic Porter
Surprise Beer No. 1
Surprise Beer No. 2

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Latitude 42 Brewing Co.”]
Powerline Porter
Lucifer’s Cuvee – double chocolate rye stout
Schoolhouse Honey – honey amber
Barley Wine
Private Dancer – Imperial Black IPA
Red Beard’s – India Red Ale
Old Joe’s – Imperial Stout

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Liberty Street Brewing Co.”]
Morning Constitutional – Coffee Stout
Barreled Cherry Porter
Studly Monk – Belgian Tripel
Majesty 2014 – Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout
The American – American IPA
Red Oak – Bourbon Barrel Amber
Pub House Brown – Southern English Mild

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”MIP Brewery”]
AXL Pale Ale
BRIK Irish Red
SNO White Ale
Two Fisted Old Ale

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Midland Brewing Co.”]
Copper Harbor – Light Amber
Dublin Street Stout
Brother’s IPA
Red Keg Amber Ale
Black Eyed Berry
Midland Pale Ale
Clever Cat Cream Ale

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Motor City Brewing Works”]
Motor City Ghettoblaster – English Style Mild
Motor City Hard Cider – Authentic English Cider
Motor City Winter Ale – Traditional Winter Ale with Spruce
Motor City Tripel  – Belgian Style Tripel

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Mountain Town Brewing Co.”]
Trainwreck – Amber Ale
Crazy Train – Black IPA
Coal Stokers – Fruit Ale
Sacred Gruit
Iron Horse IPA
Railyard Raspberry Wheat
Impervious – Imperial Stout
Peach Gruit
Hoptimal – Imperial IPA
Tripel Lindy – Belgian Tripel
Steam Engine Stout
Belgian Winter
Belgian Strong
Resurrection X – Gruit
Mystery Beer

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”New Holland Brewing Co.”]
Barrel Aged Graham’s Scotch Ale
Polar Coaster – Dark Rye Ale  (Rockford Brewing Collab)
Watersign IPL
Bert’s Up Track – Brown Ale
Cabin Fever – Brown Ale
Mad Hatter IPA
Sundog Amber
Monkey King – Farmhouse Ale
Funk Vessel – Sour Ale (Friday 6pm Tapping)
Marilla Trail – Barrel Aged Bock
The Poet – Oatmeal Stout
Dragon’s Milk – Barrel Aged Stout
Michigan Nightmare – Sour Ale (Saturday 3 pm Tapping)
Full Circle – Kolsch-Style Beer
Paleooza – MI Pale Ale

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”North Peak Brewing Co.”]
Diabolical – India Pale Ale
Sinuous – Hoppy Celtic Ale
Siren  – Amber Ale
Hullabaloo – Chocolate Wheat
Burly – Belgo IPA
Furry – Black IPA
Hoi Polloi – Pale Ale w/Juniper and Orange Peel
Maylem (Grizzly Peak Imperial Series) – Midwest Heavy Duty/Old Ale

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Northport Brewing”]
Kilcherman’s Apple Saison
Peterson Park Pale Ale
Pyramid Point Cherry Habanero Porter

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Odd Side Ales”]
Hipster Brunch Stout – Barrel Aged Imp. Stout W/ Bacon & Maple (Friday)
Granny’s Apple Pie – Ale with Cider, Cinnamon & lactose
Paranoia –  Double IPA
Cuckoo Wheats – Hefeweizen with Coffee
Beautiful Disaster – Red Wine Barrel Aged IPA (Saturday)
Morning Wood Stout – Barrel Aged Stout With Coffee (Saturday)
Project Mayhem – Belgian IPA (Friday)
Realignment – Raspberry Wheat
El Dankerino – Double IPA
SwashBuckler – Rum Barrel Barley Wine (Friday)
Nitro Bean Flicker – Coffee Blonde on Nitro
Simcoe Sensation – Session IPA
Grounds Keeper – Scottish Ale
Grand River Nut Brown

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Old Boys’ Brewhouse”]
Ciderman Apple Saison
Battle Monk Belgian IPA
Resolution ESB
Kiss My Haggis Scotch Ale
Coconut Strong Ale
Phase Two Imperial Black IPA
Nutsack Chocolate/Pecan Stout
Let It Ryed Imperial Stout

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Old Mill Brewpub & Grill”]
Island City IPA
Buckwheat Brown Ale
MILLie VANILLie Vanilla Porter
‘Wilbur’ Double IPA
Tumultuous Behavior – Imperial Coffee Stout

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Olde Peninsula Brewpub”]
Scorpion Stout – Chili Pepper Stout
Spanish Cedar Organic Twilight at the Summit IPA w/100% MI Hops
Sassafras Wood Organic Twilight at the Summit IPA w/100% MI Hops
Organic Twilight at the Summit IPA w/100% MI Hops
Maple Walnut Up Past Midnight Coffee Stout
Stout Chocula
Rockin’ Razberry Wheat
OP Pumpkin Ale

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”One Well Brewing Co.”]
Xalapa – Jalapeño Blonde
Whoppy Hoppy – American Pale Wheat
SimcoeRillo IPA
Victory Over Oatmeal – Oatmeal Stout

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Ore Dock Brewing Co.”]
Fermenta’s Sour of Equality – Berliner Weisse
Round Midnight – Cask Conditioned Belgian Dark Ale
Reclamation – American IPA
Double Exposure – Biere de Garde
Ale Camino – English Mild with Cascara
Good Grist – PNW Amber (Gluten Free)
Drifter’s Escape – Cask Conditioned Smoked Scottish Ale

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Osgood Brewing”]
Best Day Ever – Double IPA
Heritage – Harvest Blonde
Journey IPA
358 – Pale Ale
Hot Spring – Belgian Chocolate Chipotle Imperial Stout
Big Spring Stout
Notley Porter
McCoy’s Scotch Ale
Mary Fire – Bloody Mary Blonde
Currant Affair – Black Currant Tea Blonde
King Arthur – English Brown
Tequilla Blonde Firkin (Friday) – Tequilla French Oak Harvest Blonde
Buddhas  Pale Ale Firkin (Saturday) – Prickly Pear & Buddhas Hand Pale Ale

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Our Brewing Company”]
The Tobacconist – Pipe Tobacco Porter
Careless Whisper IPA
Fermenta Salted Caramel Milk Stout
Coconut Milk Stout
Sour Mash Red
Good Life Granola Red Ale
Wooden Shoe Cider – Bourbon Barrel Aged Cider

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Paw Paw Brewing Co.”]
Red Barn Sour
St. James English Mild
Black River Oatmeal Stout
2Paws IPA
Jakes Vanilla Bean Porter
Coconut Porter
KUA  – Extra Pale Ale
The Good  – Double IPA
Citra Melon  – Session IPA
Gus Meister Amber
Twisted Pumpkin
Black Talon Black IPA
Free Range Sour

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Perrin Brewing Co.”]
Cornlaboration – Classic American Pilsner
Poop Your Pants Chocolate Bock
Juicy – Imperial IPA
Lil Griz – Bourbon Barrel Aged Brown Ale
Bourbon Aged Sustenator – Barrel Aged Doppelbock
Honey Lager
Pale Ale – Pale with Mosaic & Motueka Hops
Sweet Potato Porter
Big Konas – Imperial Coffee Ale
Kill ‘Em All – Russian Imperial Stout
With Kindness – English Style Barley Wine
No Rules – Maple Bourbon Aged Vietnamese Porter
With Kindness Firkin – English Style Barley Wine

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Petoskey Brewing Co.”]
Horny Monk – Belgian Dubble
Mind’s Eye PA
Petoskey Sparkle – American Lager
Prodigious Flake  – Brown Ale
Trophy Wife – Blonde Ale
Maple Brown
Mighty Mac – Imperial Porter
Brain Freeze – Raspberry Waffle Cone Cream Ale
Log’s Julius – Orange Cream Ale
Tucker’s  Pale Ale
Mojo Ryezing – Rye IPA
West Coast Double IPA
Uber Lager
Dark Matter – Black Lager
Lil’ English Mild
Dark Knight – Black IPA
Hopsessed – Double IPA
Ryeght of Passage – Pale Ale

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Pigeon Hill Brewing Co.”]
Oatmeal Crème Pie
Bourbon Barrel McSwick – Strong Scotch Ale
Renegade White – Imperial IPA
#FallonsFolly Farmhouse Ale
French Toast Stout – Russian Imperial Stout
Walter Goes to Bang Coq – Blonde Ale with Thai Chilies/Lemongrass
Western Expansion Stout
Wild Rumpus – Flanders Red
Renegade Black – Black Imperial IPA

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Pike 51 Brewing Co.”]
Super Bon Bon (Fermenta Collab.) – Honey IPA with Hop Head Farms hops
The Sensual Bean – BBA Imperial Stout, Rowster Coffee, Vanilla Bean, Cocoa Nibs
Jeff’s Birthday Barleywine – BBA, with New Mission Organics hops
Renegades of Funk – Wild (Spontaneously Fermented) IPA
Heavy Soul – BBA Imperial Porter (Fri.)
Sinister Kid 2013 – Imperial Milk Porter (Fri.)
Funk Buddies – American Wild Ale (Fri.)
Knights on Mastodons – Oaked Imperial Brown, Rowster Coffee (Fri.)
Chicago Drive By – BBA Imperial Stout (Sat.)
Sinister Kid 2014 – Imperial Milk Porter (Sat.)
Oud Bruin – Sour Brown Ale (Sat.)
Bourbon Barrel Sabotage – BBA Coffee Stout (Sat.)

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Pleasant House Brewing Co.”]
Ol’ Codg (Codger) ESB
Doctor Moxon – Dry Stout
Why Lager?
Up in SmOak – Oak Smoked Rye Ale
Bee’s Knees – Honey Pale Ale
Boris Johnson – White Stout

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Railtown Brewing Co.”]
Allegheny – Russian Imperial Stout
Whirlypits – Scotch Ale
Pullman Porter – Vanilla Porter
Citra Warrior – Imperial IPA
On Our Way IPA
Nitpicker ESB
Udderly Milk Stout

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Redwood Brewing Co.”]
Dan O’ Za Bitter Prick – American IPA
Hairy Lil’ Redheaded Sista – India Pale Lager
Winter Fest Ale – Pale Barley Wine
Ziggy’s Bock

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Right Brain Brewery”]
Fat Lad – Russian Imperial
Debauchery – Wheat Wine
Igor Takes a Digger – Imperial Brown
Pecan Pie Whole – Amber
Lips Like Sugar – Belgian Trippel w/ MI sugar beets
Sweety Drop – Belgian w/ sweety Drop peppers
Spinal Tapper IPA
The Bad (collab. w/ Greenbush & Paw Paw) – Red IPA
Concrete Dinosaur – Brown Rye IPA
Naughty Girl Stout – Mint Stout
CEO – Chocolate Espresso Oatmeal Stout
Top the Porter (collab. w/ Liberty Street)
Shadow Watcher Stout
Thai Peanut – like it says!
N. Shore Iron Works – Barley Wine
Beer Abbey – Belgian
Spiny Norman IPA

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Rochester Mills Beer Co.”]
Grand Cru
Black IPL
Belgian Wit
Bourbon Barrel Imperial Milkshake Stout

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Rochester Mills Production Brewery”]
Cornerstone IPA
Rochester Red
Milkshake Stout
Lazy Daze Amber Lager
Pine Knob Pilsner
Pine Knob Pilsner
Snow Dazed Winter Ale
Winters Bock
Newton’s ALEchemy Double IPA
Imperial Milkshake Stout
Bourbon Barrel Rochester Red
Snow Angel (Snow Dazed aged in Angel’s Envy Bourbon Port barrels)
Blueberry Pancake Milkshake Stout
Chocolate Cheesecake Milkshake Stout
Monkey Business Banana Milkshake Stout
Christmas Toffee Milkshake Stout
Peanut Brittle Milkshake Stout

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Rockford Brewing Co.”]
Shanty Warmer – Russian Imperial Stout – NEW RELEASE!
Heavy Medal – Belgian Golden w/ Cider & Honey – AHA Collab
Grandma’s Cookies – Oatmeal Raisin Amber – Collab
Little George – Imperial IPA
Anniversary Ale – Belgian Multigrain
Paradigm MPA – Michigan Pale Ale – 100% Michigan grown!
Sheehan’s Stout – Dry Irish Stout
2014 Cernunnos – Scotch Ale
Hoplust – West Coast IPA

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Round Barn Brewery”]
Separate Quarters – Flanders Red Ale
Hop Dealer – American IPA
Cream Dreams – Sweet Stout
Black Magic – Fruit Stout
Oh Rye Goodness – Brown Ale
Harvest Ale – American IPA
Wet Wood – Oak Aged IPA
West Highland – Strong Scotch Ale

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Royal Oak Brewery”]
FrostLine Lager
Snowdrift Ale – Strong Winter Ale
Soleil d’Orange – Belgian Ale w/Orange
Tropic of Capricorn – Coconut Porter

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Rupert’s Brew House”]
Peanut Butter Porter
Your Mother – English Style Barley Wine
Double hIghPA
Show Me Your Bloobies – Blueberry Wit
Brown Eye Rye
Mandarina SUPER BONUS – Single Hop/Malt Imperial IPA
Nut Buster – Double Peanut Butter Porter
Dr. Steve’s IPAilment

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Saugatuck Brewing Co.”]
Barrel Aged Oatmeal Stout (Tapped Saturday at 2:30 pm)
Barrel Aged Darker Than Your Soul Stout
Barrel Aged Neapolitan Milk Stout (Tapped Friday at 4:30 pm)
Barrel Aged Dramanatrixxx – Russian Imperial Stout
Barrel Aged Not Messin’ Around – Double IPA
Reverent Monk – Belgian Tripel
Fermenta L.I.P.A.
Hop On A Blonde
Beam Me Up Stouty – Coconut Stout
Maggie’s Irish Ale
Dark Skies Stout
Pier Cove Porter
Almost Spring – Pale Ale
Cremesicle Stout
Bonfire Brown
Neapolitan Milk Stout
Starburst Wheat – Hoppy Wheat
Backyard IPA
Mandarina IPA
Serrano Pepper
Firkin: Dark Skies w/ cocoa nibs & vanilla beans
Firkin: Hop On A Blonde dry hopped w/ lemon peel, melon & galaxy hops

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Schmohz Brewing Co.”]
Kiss My Scottish Arse – Scotch Ale
Jack of Spades – India Black Ale
Fermenta Toasted Coconut Stout
Cirrus Weizen – Traditional German Wheat
Gingerbread Brown – Spiced Brown Ale
Zing – Gruit

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Sherwood Brewing Co.”]
Buxom BlonDDe Ale
Mistress Jades Hemp Ale – APA
BluPom Wit – Blueberry Pomegranate Wit
1492 IPA
Naked Elephant – American Strong Ale
White Elephant – Strong Ale Aged on Oak & Cinnamon
Noble Benny – Double IPA
Brown Out – Imperial Brown Ale
Abdij Noir – Black Abbey Strong Ale
Pripyat Imperial Stout – Russian Imperial Stout
BBA Noble Benny – Bourbon Barrel Aged Double IPA (Fri. 4pm)
Cranberry Wit (Fri. 5pm)
CRIM Stout – Coffee Russian Imperial Molasses Stout (Sat. 2pm)
Bloody BlonDDe – Blonde ale with cherries & blood orange (Sat. 3pm)

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Short’s Brewing Co.”]
Starcut Ciders, Aurora Borealis – Sweet cider aged in bourbon barrels
Swirl Stout – brewed with cacao nibs, vanilla, and milk sugar
Smugglin’ Plums – black stout brewed with Damson plum puree
Mull It Over – winter warmer brewed with mulling spices and honey
Black Chai – Cream Ale
Bourbon Hammer Jack – Bourbon Barrel Aged Scotch Ale
Brew Ninja – made with Yuzu fruit, Sorachi Ace hops, and sake yeast
Sacred Union – IPA with blood oranges
Bubbalooski – Imperial Pale Ale
Anniversary Part Duex-Dry Hopped – high-gravity wheat wine with blood oranges
S.S. Ambition – IPA with El Dorado hops
Ester – Extra Pale Ale

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Sleepwalker Spirits And Ale”]
Imperial Stout
St. Jerry’s Prunes – Belgian Strong
Double IPA
Sorachi Ace IPA
Uncle Dan’s Scotchy Scotch Ale
Piwo Grodziskie – Smoked Pale Wheat Ale
Urbandale Wheat – with lavender
LUVS Dark Lager

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Stormcloud Brewing Co.”]
Gerald’s Talking Dog – Cherry-Rye Belgian Dubbel
The Farthest Shore – Belgian Dark Strong
*The Farthest Shore, Rum Barrel Aged – Belgian Dark Strong
228 Tripel – Belgian Tripel
Beach Buddha – Belgian Imperial IPA
*Tijuana Buddha – Imperial IPA aged in Tequila barrels
‘Tis the Saison – Cranberry-Orange Saison
Dark & Stormcloudy Ale – Russian Imperial Stout
*BBA Dark & Stormcloudy – BBA Russian Imperial Stout
Rainmaker – Belgian Pale Ale
Fun Guv’nr – Belgian Black IPA
*Fun with Rum – Rum Barrel Aged Belgian Black IPA
*Fun with Wine – Red Wine Barrel Aged Belgian Black IPA
*Fun with Bourbon – Bourbon Barrel Aged Belgian Black IPA
*Barrel-aged selections will be tapped one at a time

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Tapistry Brewing Co.”]
Reactor – Dry-Hopped American IPA
Mr. Orange – Blood Orange Wit with Chamomile & Rose Hips
Enigma – Brown Sugar Double IPA with Simcoe Dry Hop
Peck’s Porter – English Robust Porter (GABF 2014 winner)
Heart Full of Napalm – Double IPA with Mosaic, Galaxy, & Amarillo Hops
Chocola Java – Double Chocolate Coffee Stout
Batch 100 Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout
Hoponacci – Single Hopped Pale Ale with Mosaic Hops
Cyril Figgis – Winter Warmer with Figs
Quadraphonic – Belgian Quad
Foreign Policy – Foreign Stout
Mindstorm – Black IPA

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Territorial Brewing Co.”]
Penetrator – Doppelbock
Spedunkel – Munich Dunkel
Redheaded Rauchstar – Ginger Rauchbier
Kellerharn – Keller Pils

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Tibbs Brewing Co.”]
Citra Your Ass Down – IPA
Hell-Jen Belgian – Belgian Tripel
For Richer or Porter
Dark Side of the Belgian – Belgian Quad
Lovell Double IPA
Secret Lover – Chocolate Strawberry Milk Stout

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”The BOB”]
Peanut Butter Porter
Tira Misu Stout – Coco Coffee stout
Robert the Barrel – Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
Fermenta Dopple Bock – German Lager
Barrel Aged Peanut Butter Porter  – Saturday @ 2:00
Barrel Aged Tira Misu Stout – Friday @ 6:00

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”The Filling Station Microbrewery”]
Burlington Black IPA
Walla Walla IPA
Empire Imperial IPA
DeTour Roggenbier
Antwerp Abbey Ale

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”The Livery”]
BBA Trippel Weizenbock – Wheat Bock Aged in Jim Beam Barrels
BBA Liverator – Doppelbock Aged in Heaven Hill Barrels
BBA Batch 600 – Imperial Stout Aged in Jim Beam Barrels
BBA Sojourner – Imperial Black Ale Aged in Heaven Hill Barrels
BBA Umami – Wheat Wine Aged in Jim Beam Barrels
BBA Steel Wheels – Oatmeal Stout Aged in 75% Woodford Reserve Barrels and 25% Sorgum Syrup Bourbon Barrels
BA 5th Dimension – Oak Aged Sour Belgian IPA
Maillot Rouge – Oak Aged Sour Biere de Garde W/Raspberries
St. Valentine’s Day Massacre – Wild Ale Aged on Blood Oranges
Old Man Mason – Barley Wine Cellared 10 Months

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”The Mitten Brewing Co.”]
Dock’s No-No – American DIPA (Fri 2-4, Sat 2-4)
Big Fella – Imperial Porter (Sat 2-4)
Found Mitten – American DIPA (Sat 12-2)
Maple Pecan Brown – Double Brown Ale (Fri 2-4, Sat 2-4)
’84 – American Barleywine (Friday 2-4)
The Creedence – American Pale Ale (Fri 4-7)
Rye Baby – Imperial IPA (Sat)
Country Strong – American IPA
Hose Wagon – Imperial Stout (Fri 4-7)
“Hot” Hose Wagon – Imperial Stout w/Peppers (Sat 2-4)
Rye Resin w/Citra – Imperial IPA (Sat 12-2)
Extra Innings – Foreign Extra Stout (Fri 4-7)
RYE.B.I. – Black Rye IPA (Sat 12-2)
Big Fella w/Raspberry – Imperial Porter w/Fruit (Sat 2-4)

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Traffic Jam & Snug”]
Czar’s Breakfast Stout – Russian Imperial Oatmeal Stout
Kitchen Sink Pale Ale
Corktown Brown
Organic Wakatu White IPL

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Tri-City Brewing Co.”]
Hell’s Half Mile – German Helles Lager
Giant Slayer – Russian Imperial Stout
Charity Island – American IPA
Brownhoist – English Nut Brown Ale
Phelan Irish Red
Intergalactic Jack – Galaxy Hopped Pale Ale
Torchon – Belgian Pale Ale
Belgian Tripel
Sorachi Samori – Dark Ale with Sorachi Ace Hops
English Porter
Dragon Slayer – Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
Maple Bourbon Brown

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Unruly Brewing Co.”]
Snurfer – Winter Warmer
Mad Cacao Disease – Imp. Chocolate Milk Stout
Oats N’ Hoes – Imperial IPA
Neanderthal – Double IPA
Cole’s Pale Ale – Garlic Bread Pale Ale
B.A. Baracus – B.A. Russian Imperial Stout
21 Guns – Hoppy American Wheat
Pomme De Mort – Belgian Golden w/ Cider
9th Hour – B.A. Smoked Porter
Foundry Slag – American Stout

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Unity Vibration Living Kombucha Tea”]
Pomelo Sage  – Kombucha Tea (1%ABV)
Old Man – Blackberry Oak Kombucha Tea (1.5%ABV)
Strawberry Vanilla  – Kombucha Tea (1%ABV)
Triple Goddess Ginger Beer
Triple Goddess Raspberry Beer
KPA  – Kombucha Pale Ale
Bourbon Peach Kombucha Beer

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Vander Mill”]
Cider March – Hard Cider

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Walldorff Brewpub”]
Bee Sting Honey Rye
Walldorff Porter
Hopnoxxxious IPA
Cobain’s Double Dark IPA
Espresso Stout
Java Brown
Grapefruit Ale

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”White Flame Brewing Co.”]
Super G – IPA
Double Tap  – Session IPA
Lumpy Space Princess – Pineapple Pink Peppercorn IPA
Black Flame – BBA Imperial Stout (Fri. 4pm / Sat. 2pm)
No Joke  – Smoked Jalapeno Porter
Hot Kevin – Smoked Jalapeno Porter with Bacon
Red Shoes – Habanero Pale ale
Drunken Kooky – BBA Brown ale w/windmill Cookies
Kentucky Kiss – BBA Scotch Ale
Passed out Willy  – Double IPA
Glitch – Imperial Pils
Polar Express (Feeling Randy) – Honey DIPA
Rule #2 – Double Dry Hopped Session Ale
Midnight Toker – DIPA with Double Dry Hop
Doomsday Imperial Stout – With Coffee and Vanilla Beans

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Witch’s Hat Brewing Co.”]
Train Hopper IPA
Big Doedish DIPA
Hommel’s Where The Heart Is – Hommel Bier w/ all Michigan hops and malt
Royal Rumble – Double Red w/Blood Oranges
Fermenta Salted Caramel Brown – w/ Mindo Caramel and pink Himalayan Salt
Pressure Pipe Pils – Czech Pilsner
Kevin Baconator – Smoked and salted dopplebock
Bourbon Barrel Night Fury w/Vanilla Bean – Imperial Stout
Bourbon Barrel Chocolate Espresso Night Fury – Imperial Stout
Bourbon Barrel Cherry Cordial Night Fury – Imperial Stout
Bourbon Barrel DragonTrax Night Fury – Imperial Stout
Bourbon Barrel Night Fury w/Coffee (2013) – Imperial Stout (Friday)
Rye Whiskey Holy Confusion – Barrel aged barleywine (Friday)
Well Water Reserve – Bourbon Barrel aged barleywine (Saturday)
After Xmas / Xmas Ale – Barrel aged Belgian holiday ale (Saturday)

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Wolverine State Brewing Co.”]
Kurios Black – Belgian Stout Lager
Carcajou – Belgian Rye Lager
2014 Massacre – Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Dark Lager
Gulo Gulo – India-style Pale Lager
Premium – American Light Lager
Faustian Stout – Baltic Porter
High ‘n Dry Rye Pilsner
Predator – Doppelbock

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Woodward Avenue Brewers (The WAB)”]
Raspberry Blonde
Vanilla Porter
Gluten Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow Session IPA
Hibernator Doppelbock
Hefty Weizen – Bavarian Wheat Beer
The Blue Raja – Michigan Imperial IPA

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