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Beer List – Detroit Fall Beer Festival 2013

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”51 North Brewery”]Lake Orion
Tent 3

Dogway IPA
Velvet Moose – Chocolate Oatmeal Stout
Karm-Ale – Caramel Ale
Orange Pepōn – Pumpkin Spice
Pecan Turtle Trifle – Caramel, Chocolate & Pecan Ale[/mpaper]

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Arbor Brewing Co. / Corner Brewery”]
Violin Monster – Autumn Ale
Espresso Love – Coffee Stout
Framboozled – Sour Strawberry Blonde refermented with raspberries
Phat Abbot – Belgian Dubbel
Olde Alt #22 – German Sticke Alt
Buzzsaw – American IPA
Harvest Ale – Barrel aged IPA dry hopped w/ locally grown Chinook hops[/mpaper]

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Arcadia Ales”]
Anglers Ale – Pale Ale
Sky High Rye – West Coast Pale Ale
Loch Down – Scotch Ale
Hop Mouth – Double IPA
B-Craft Black – Black Double IPA
Imperial Stout – Russian Imperial Stout
Jaw Jacker – Pumpkin Spice Ale
Thunder Trail – ESB
Cannon Ball Gold – Wet Hopped Ale
Apollyon – Strong Golden Ale
Nut Brown Ale
London Porter
Shipwreck Porter – Barrel Aged Baltic Porter
Cereal Killer – Barley Wine[/mpaper]

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Atwater Brewery”]
Dirty Blonde – American Wheat
Vanilla Java Porter
Decadent Dark Chocolate Ale
Blueberry Cobbler Stout
Hop-A-Peel – American IPA
VooDoo Vator – Dopplebock
Cherry Stout
Purple Gang Pilsner
Teufel – Weisen Bock
Conniption Fit – Double IPA[/mpaper]

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Bastone Brewery”]
Udder Madness – Cream Stout
Smoked Porter
Dark Vader – Dark Peanut Butter Ale
Harvest Stout – Stout Brewed With Spices[/mpaper]

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Big Buck Brewery & Steakhouse”]
Blueberry Oatmeal Stout
Spiced Cider Infusion
Black Current Rhubarb Sour
Imperial Rye Chocolate Porter
Sweet Potato Stout
Belgian Wit
Smoked Porter
Dark Mild[/mpaper]

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Black Lotus Brewery”]
Detroit Hip Hops – APA
Imperial Oatmeal Stout
Schraderbrau Oktoberfest
Jacinda  – Belgian Brown IPA
The Haunting – Pumpkin Ale[/mpaper]

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Blue Tractor BBQ & Brewery”]
Demonic Ale – India Black Ale
El Turron – Imperial Stout
Gourd to Death  – Pumpkin Ale
Smokehouse Amber
Scotty’s Full-Power Scotch Ale[/mpaper]

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Brewery Ferment”]
45th Parallale Pale Ale
Old Town Brown
Cranny Smith – Cranberry Apple Sour Ale
Smoky Bear – Braggot w/ Smoked Cherrywood Malt
Wet, Hopped, Dream – Wet-Hopped Pale Ale
Northern Harvest – Wet-Hopped Harvest Ale
Hey There, Pilgrim – English IPA
Captain Scorch – Ghost Pepper Stout
Root eject Stout – Spiced Double Stout[/mpaper]

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Brewery Vivant”]
Farm Hand – Farmhouse Ale
Love Shadow – Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout
Belgian Weisse – tart wood aged
Cave Blend – 1-year Barrel Aged Bretta Sour Ale
Over the Line, Smokey – Belgian Rauch w/ ancho & chocolate[/mpaper]

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Cellar Brewing Co.”]
Monkey Wrench – Imperial IPA
Black Magic RyPA
Uncle Krunkle’s Dunkelweizen
Lucky Enough – American Amber
Michigan Sunshine – Witbier
Lighter Shade of Pale Ale
Hyperion – Imperial Irish Red
Vanilla Porter
Mocha Java Stout
Batch 300 “Leonide’s Shield” – Triple IPA
Lucky Pumpkin
Bourbon Barrel Imperial Black Magic IPA[/mpaper]

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Chelsea Alehouse”]
Jaunty Woodsman IPA
Venture Black IPA
Bog Trail Brown Ale[/mpaper]

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Copper Canyon Brewery”]
Copper Canyon Alt
Devil’s Peak IPA
Specialty release TBD[/mpaper]

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Cotton Brewing Co.”]
Maple Bacon Porter
Ginger Pumpkin Ale[/mpaper]

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Cranker’s Brewery”]
Professor IPA
Fifth Voyage Coconut Porter
Accuser Belgian Tripel
Suspended Animation – Belgian Raspberry Wheat
Sure Shot Stout – Foreign Extra Stout w/ Espresso
Crankenstein – Amber Lager
Chocolate Raspberry Tart – Raspberry Porter
Green Tea & Honey Kölsch
The Educator – Double Dry Hopped IPA[/mpaper]

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Dark Horse Brewing Co.”]
Crooked Tree IPA
Raspberry Ale
Amber Ale
Boffo Brown Ale
Reserve Special Black Ale
Scotty Karate Scotch Ale
Perkulator Coffee Dopplebock
4 Elf Winter Warmer
ONE Oatmeal Stout
Thirsty Trout Porter
Tall, Dark & Crunchy’s India Brown Ale
Bourbon Barrel 3 Pairs of Legs Maple Porter
Bourbon Barrel Plead the 5th Imperial Stout
Top Fuel Bourbon Barrel Aged Barley Wine Style Ale
Scary Jesus Rockstar Apricot Chamomile Pale Ale
Sarsaparilla 666 Stout
Rye Kwon Do Rye Scotch Ale
Flat Sammich Malt Liquor
Mentha Piperita Peppermint Stout
Krystal Wheat Session Ale[/mpaper]

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Detroit eject Co.”]
Chocolate Pumpkin Porter
Double Dwarf – Double Alt
Cinq Etioles – Belgian Tripel
Walloon Belgian Pils
Hop Grenade – Double IPA[/mpaper]

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Dragonmead Microbrewery”]
Faceman IPA
Lil’s Grumpkin Pumpkin
Final Absolution – Belgian Style Trippel
Corktown Red – American Amber Ale
Nagelweiss – German Style Wheat eject
Sin Eater – Belgian Dark Strong
Angry Dragon – Pre-prohibition Lager[/mpaper]

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Falling Down eject Co.”]
Ninja Chicken Pale Ale
Angry Beaver Double Brown
Chocolate Porter
Double IPA[/mpaper]

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Fenton Brewery”]
Staggering Bull – Imperial Nut Brown
Eminent – Double IPA
Ignescent – Amber Ale
Swingin’ Berries – Blackberry Merlot Double Cream Stout (5:30p Fri. release)[/mpaper]

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Fort Street Brewing Co.”]
Home Town IPA – wet-hopped ale made with local hops
Empire – wet-hopped ale made with Empire hops
Nama Nigori – a blend of elderberry & heather sakes
Apples By the Barrel – apple ale
The Cucurbita Family – spiced squash ale
Burning Leaf Lager – Marzen style
Malcomson’s Scotch Ale – 90-Schilling style
Third Shift Stout – Oatmeal Coffee Stout
Gentlemen, The Queen – English-style Imperial IPA[/mpaper]

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Founders Brewing Co.”]
Breakfast Stout
Rubaeus – Raspberry Ale
Harvest Ale – Wet Hopped IPA
Centennial IPA
All Day IPA
Curmudgeon Old Ale
Dirty Bastard – Scotch Ale[/mpaper]

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Frankenmuth Brewery”]
Oktoberfest Lager
Batch 69 American IPA
Munich Dunkel Lager
Harvest Ale
Christmas Town Ale[/mpaper]

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Grand Rapids Brewing Co.”]
Oktoberfest – 100% Organic
Meyer May’s Saison – 100% Organic, infused with orange spice tea
Gerald Rye Ford – 100% Organic Imperial Single Hop Rye Pale made with New Mission Organic summit hops
Tennis’ Wet Hop Ale – 100% Organic Harvest Ale brewed with Summit, Chinook, Cascade and Brewer’s Gold wet hops from Brian Tennis’s New Mission Organics
Rosalyn Bliss Blonde – 100% Organic Blonde Ale infused with mango ceylon tea
Distinguished Eagle – 100% Organic Imperial Stout aged in Woodford Reserve 18yr vanilla, sorghum & cherry bitters bourbon barrels[/mpaper]

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Great Baraboo”]
“The Great BOO” – Pumpkin Ale
Old Fox – Old Ale
The Great WAB-ABOO – ESB
Cady’s Corner IPA[/mpaper]

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Greenbush Brewing Co.”]
Anger – Black IPA
Brother Benjamin – Imperial IPA w/honey
Unicorn Killer – Pumpkin Ale
Distorter Porter
Dunegras IPA
Memento Mori – Oktoberfest-Style Ale
PHD – Malt Liquor
Retribution – Belgian Hybrid Ale
1825 – Belgian Golden Ale
Demeter – Fresh Hop Pale Ale
Isole – Belgian Dubbel
Pain – Imperial Cream Stout
VanderBush – Belgian Trippel w/Vandermill Cider
Mr. Hyde – Coffee Cream Stout
Penitence – Rye Stout
Dystopia – Russian Imperial Stout
Starchicken Shotgun IPA
Damn Dirty Ape – Banana Bread Brown
Remnant of Dragon – Imperial Red IPA
There Are Owls in the Roadhouse – Raspberry Porter
The Birds Sing a Pretty Song – Blackberry Porter
One and the Same – Raspberry Ale
Black Swan – Blackberry Wheat Ale
Kaiser the Aristocrat – Rye IPA w/pear
Barrel-Aged The Birds Sing a Pretty Song – Blackberry Porter
Barrel-Aged Cabra Perdida – Imperial Blueberry Cream Stout
Barrel-Aged Doomslayer – Maple Brown Ale
Barrel-Aged Resignation – Milk Stout
Barrel-Aged One and the Same – Raspberry Ale
Barrel-Aged Rye Porter – Rye Porter
Barrel-Aged Unicorn Killer – Pumpkin Ale
Barrel-Aged VanderBush – Belgian Trippel w/Vandermill Cider
Jaded Robot – Negroni eject
I Think We Have a Weiner – Chicago-Style Hot Dog eject
Educated Proletariat – Red IPA
Eagle Bear – The Most Patriotic eject Ever
Gilgamesh – Pale Ale
Megatheorem – Brown Ale w/lime
Magically ejectlicious – Ale w/Lucky Charms
Compensation – Black Wheat IPA
P. Tenera – Brown Ale w/nori
Dojo Pony – Wasabi IPA
For Pete’s Sake – Golden Ale w/basmati rice[/mpaper]

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Griffin Claw Brewing Co.”]
Norm’s Raggedy Ass IPA
Screamin’ Pumpkin
German Alt[/mpaper]

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Grizzly Peak Brewing Co.”]
October Ale – Wood-aged English Strong Ale
Drei Schwestern (3 Sisters) – Hoppy Lager
Sheerwater IPA
Fouch Hill Dark Ale – Dry-hopped Mild Ale[/mpaper]

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Hideout Brewing Co.”]
Gangster IPA
Hired Gun Red
Smuggler’s Hazelnut Stout
9am Hazelnut IPA
Aviator Pale Ale
Triggerman IPA
Espresso Boozehound Brown Ale
Polish Style Potato Ale
Imperial Red Ale
Silky Smooth Cream Ale
Mango Guava Pale Ale
Dual Weilding English Pale Ale
Michigan Harvest Ale
Crisp Gluten Free Ale
Coconut Almond Brown Ale[/mpaper]

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”HopCat”]
Cucurbita Nigra – Pumpkin Porter made with MI maple syrup
My Cosmic Autumn Rebellion – Wet Hop Ale with New Mission Organics Summit, Cascade & Brewer’s Gold hops
Hopfenkatze – Oktoberfest
Red Nymph – Flanders Style Red
Kiwi’s Playhouse – Berlinerweisse fermented on kiwi fruit[/mpaper]

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales”]
La Parcela – Pumpkin Ale
Oro de Calabaza – Artisan Golden Ale
Calabaza Blanca – Artisan White Ale
Bam Biere – Farmhouse Ale
#47 – Thai Basil & Thai Ginger eject[/mpaper]

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Kuhnhenn Brewing Co.”]
DRIPA: Double Rice IPA
The Fluffer – Session IPA
Fluffer Gone Wild – Session IPA with Brett
Imperial Crème Brule Java Stout
Penetration Porter
Double Penetration Porter
Kuhnhenn Festbier – Oktoberfest/Marzen
99 Weisseballoons – Berliner Weisse
Bohemian Pils – Czech-style Pilsner
All Hallows Ale – Pumpkin Ale
Rocks in the Rye – Faygo-inspired Rye eject[/mpaper]

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Liberty Street Brewing Co.”]
Waves of Grain – Hefewiezen
Nitro Starkweather Stout
Liberty One Porter
Punkin’ Pie Ale[/mpaper]

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Lily’s Brewery & Seafood Grill”]
Propeller Island Pilsner
Barnacle Bob’s Boatyard Ale – Blonde
Whitefish Bay Wheat – Hefe
Fairbanks Point Framboise – Fruit Ale
Sven & Ollie’s IPA
Drummond Island Dortmunder
Oktoberfest – Marzen
A Strange Oatmeal Stout
Black-Rock Point Blackberry Ale[/mpaper]

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Midland Brewing Co.”]
Three Mile Hefe Wiezen
Copper Harbor – Copper Ale
Red Keg – Amber Ale
Brothers IPA
Dublin Street  Stout
NUTS  – Blend of Imperial Brown and Stout
Milano Coffee Stout
Bourbon Barrel Stout[/mpaper]

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”MIP eject”]
JET – Black IPA
RAY – MI Fresh-Hopped IPA
SNO – White Ale[/mpaper]

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Motor City Brewing Works”]
Ghettoblaster – English Style Mild
Motor City Hard Cider – with Michigan Grown Apples
Detroit Hard Cider – with Detroit Grown Apples
Oktoberfest – German Marzen
Motor City Pumpkin Ale – Detroit Style Saison
Kolsch – German Style[/mpaper]

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Mount Pleasant Brewing Co.”]
Coal Stoker’s Blackberry Ale
Harvest Ale
Peach Gruit
Crazy Train Black IPA
Iron Horse IPA
Bourbon Barrel Maple Porter
Bourbon Barrel Aged Trainwreck
Golden Heat Pepper Ale[/mpaper]

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”New Holland Brewing Co.”]
Dragon’s Milk  – Bourbon Barrel Stout
Dirty Water eject – Belgian Ale
Farmhouse Hatter – Belgian Pale Ale
Poet – Oatmeal Stout
Hopivore – Michigan Wet-Hopped Harvest Ale
Ichabod – Pumpkin Ale
Cabin Fever – Brown Ale
ejecthive – Tripel with Ginger and Honey (Fri. 6pm release)
El Mole Ocho – Ale brewed with Mexican Spices
Rye Hatter – Rye Pale Ale
Alliance Ale – Belgian Amber Ale
Blue Sunday Sour – American Wild Ale (Sat. 2pm release)[/mpaper]

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”North Peak”]
Hooligan – Hoppy Pumpkin Ale
Hoodoo – Wet Hop IPA
Wanderer – Session IPA
Diabolical – IPA
Siren – Amber Ale[/mpaper]

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Odd Side Ales”]
Bourbon Citra Pale Ale
Bourbon Black Citra Pale Ale
Bean Flicker Blonde
Fire Fly – Pale w/ Habaneros & Papaya
Citra Pale Ale
Bloody Orange Wheat
Java Chip Mint Stout
Hell Yes! – Munich Helles
Derelicte Pineapple IPA[/mpaper]

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Original Gravity Brewing Co.”]
Southpaw IPA
Old Skool Altbier
ShineBox Dunkelweizen
Primordial Porter
County Street Amber[/mpaper]

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Our Brewing Co.”]
Careless Whisper IPA
The King – PB, Bacon, Maple, Chocolate Stout
Pumpkin Pie Milk Stout
Andes Mint Milk Stout
Oatmeal Cookie Brown[/mpaper]

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Redwood Brewing Co.”]
American Stout
C N Red – Imperial Red
Cream Stout

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Right Brain Brewery”]
Schrute Farms – Beet Saison
Blue Magic – Lavender Ale
Looping Owl – Barrel Aged Amber
Cool Hand Cuke – Cucumber Basil Saison
Naughty Girl Stout – Mint Stout
Stowaway – Reclaimed Saison
Hop Owl – Amber IPA
Black Eye PA – American Black IPA
Hirty Darry – Wet Hopped IPA
Spiny Norman – IPA
Broken Nose – Wet Hopped Double Black IPA[/mpaper]

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Rochester Mills eject Co.”]
Maple Brown Ale
Cornerstone IPA
Milkshake Stout
Lazy Daze Amber Lager
Lazy Daze Lite
Wit’s Organic
Bourbon Barrel Rochester Red
Bourbon Barrel Snow Dazed Winter Warmer
Bourbon Barrel Maple Brown Ale[/mpaper]

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Rockford Brewing Co.”]
Wheat Nipper – Dry-Hopped American Wheat (Fri.)
Summer Cruizer – Blueberry Wheat (Fri.)
White Pine Wheat – Bavarian Wheat (Fri.)
Fuzzy Nuggs – All Nugget-Hopped Pale Ale (Fri.)
Obsession – Dry-Hopped Session Rye PA (Fri.)
Cernunnos – Wee-Heavy / Strong Scotch Ale (Sat.)
Raspberry Duality – Raspberry Wheat (Sat.)
Centennial Harvest Ale – Wet Hopped with all Centennial Hops! (Sat.)
Cascade Harvest Ale – Wet Hopped with all Cascade Hops! (Sat.)
Chinook Harvest Ale – Wet Hopped with all Chinook Hops! (Sat.)
Hoplust IPA (Sat.)[/mpaper]

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Royal Oak Brewery”]
The Green Manalishi – Imperial IPA
Vidal Saison
Jack-O-Licious  – Pumpkin Ale
Grand Trunk Steam eject – California Common[/mpaper]

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Saugatuck Brewing Co.”]
Singapore IPA
Oval Beach Blonde
Bonfire Brown
Hop on a Blonde
Darker than your Soul – Stout
Pier Cove Porter[/mpaper]

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Schmohz Brewing Co.”]
Bonecrusher – American Stout
Hopknocker  – Imperial IPA
Treasure Chest  – Extra Special Bitter
Uncle’s Monkey – Belgian IPA
Zingiberene – Ginger Gruit
Gypsy’s Kiss – Bock
Oktoberfest – Dark Wheat Ale (Friday Night)[/mpaper]

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Sherwood Brewing Co.”]
Buxom BlonDDe
Mistress Jade’s Hemp Ale
Black Pils – Schwarzbier
Production Line Red
Pumpkin Bread – Pumpkin Hefeweizen
Wired Awake – Espresso Black Lager
1492 IPA
Michigander Harvest IPA – Wet-Hopped IPA w/ all Michigan malt & hops
Alaskan Sister Wit
BluPom Wit
Cornucopia Ale (6pm release) – Ale made w/ harvest vegetables & spice
Bloody Blonde (7pm release) – Cherry ale w/ blood oranges
Wintertwined Wheat Wine (1pm release) – Oak aged  barley wine
Gunpowder IPA (2pm release) – Habanero & black pepper IPA[/mpaper]

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Short’s Brewing Co.”]
Funkin’ Punkin’ – Amber Ale with pumpkin, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and allspice
Crut’s Cuties – American IPA with tangerines and oranges
Sticky Icky Icky – American India Pale Ale
Kind Ale – Wet Hopped Ale
Czech Your Head: 7 Monks Anniversary Ale – Dark Czech Lager w/ blueberries & cardamom
Pig Pen – Bourbon Barrel aged IPA with Brettanomyces yeast
Bourbon Woodmaster – Bourbon Barrel aged Imperial Brown Ale
Pineapple Pilsner – Experimental Pilsner with pineapple
Devil’s Lettuce – Wet Hopped Lager
Bourbon Hammer Jack – Bourbon Barrel Aged Scotch Ale
Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster – Double Belgian IPA
Bourbon Evil Urges – Bourbon Barrel aged Belgian Dark Strong Ale
Bourbon Happy Jack – Bourbon Barrel aged Scottish Ale
Raisin Apollo – Double IPA brewed with golden raisins[/mpaper]

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Tapistry Brewing Co.”]
16 Tons – Barley Wine
Drifter in the Dark – Stout
Bridgman Bitter  – ESB
Beatnik Blonde – Belgian Blonde
Attrayant Saison
Reactor – IPA
Chocola Java Stout
Enigma – Double IPA
Alternator – German Altbier
Cucurbita – Pumpkin/Spiced Ale
Bat Country Brown
Burn the Witch – Weizenbock[/mpaper]

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”The Filling Station Microbrewery”]
Bayreuth  Oktoberfest
Omena Harvest Ale
Huntington IPA
Savannah IPA
Bentley Oatmeal Stout
Brattleboro Brown Ale[/mpaper]

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”The Livery”]
Nummerz! – Extra Pale Ale
Half Truth – Rye India Black Ale
Oktoberfest – Märzen
Lil’ Filly – MI Wheat / MI Raspberry Ale
BA Funkalicious – Red Wine BA Imp. Wild Ale w/ Rasp.
BA FramBam – BA Wild Ale w/ Raspberries
BA Perzik – White Wine BA Wild Ale w/ Peaches
BA 5th Dimension – Sour BA Belgian IPA
BA Bastard Cousin – BBA Imp. Choc. Rye, Oatmeal, Milk Stout
Half Truth (Cask) – Rye India Black Ale w/ Black & Red Raspberries (Saturday)[/mpaper]

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Traffic Jam & Snug”]
Pharmhouse Saison
West Canfield Pale – IPA
Proper Pilsner[/mpaper]

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Tri-City Brewing Co.”]
Hell’s Half Mile – German Helles
Charity Island IPA
Torchon – Belgian Pale Ale
Giant Slayer – Russian Imperial Stout
Brownhoist – English Brown Ale
Dragon Slayer – Barrel aged Russian Imperial Stout
Cherry Bitters Russian Imperial Stout
Barrel Aged Irish Red
Barrel Aged Blonde Ale[/mpaper]

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Unity Vibration Living Kombucha Tea”]
Kombucha Pale Ale
Triple Goddess Kombucha Raspberry eject
Triple Goddess Kombucha Ginger eject
Triple Goddess Kombucha Bourbon Peach eject
Northern Spy and Thyme Seasonal Kombucha eject[/mpaper]

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Witch’s Hat Brewing Co.”]
Oktoberfest – Marzen
Spiced Pumpkin Porter
Bourbon-Barrel 1908 – BBA Smoked Wheat
Pour L’Amour Du Michigan (Collaboration with Palate) – barrel-fermented dark saison w/ Michigan malt, hops, cherries & beet sugar
Train Hopper IPA (Friday)
Bourbon-Barrel Tuscan Coffee Stout (Friday)
Bourbon-Barrel Fear of the Dark – BBA black barleywine (Friday)
Big Doedish – DIPA (Friday)
Bourbon-Barrel Night Fury Imperial Stout w/ Vanilla Bean (Saturday)
Bourbon-Barrel Night Fury Imperial Stout w/ Coffee (Saturday)
Midnight Train – Black IPA (Saturday)[/mpaper]

[mpaper icon=”fa-eject” title=”Woodward Avenue Brewers”]
Raspberry Blonde
Custom Blonde
Detroit Maiden IPA
Vanilla Porter
Hefty Weizen – Wheat eject
Custom Porter
The Great WAB-aboo ESB[/mpaper]

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