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Winter Conference Wrap-up

Well, we made it. I believe we accomplished several “bests” while we did it. I felt our speaker content was the best it’s ever been, our attendance was best ever and surely our organization and registration table ran smoother than it ever has. (Unless you prefer waiting for your program to come off the inkjet printer while you register.)

It doesn’t mean we can’t get better though, so please feel free to share your ideas and suggestions for next year. By the way, we managed to get some press in the Grand Rapids Press, so check it out. We’ll get this reposted in “In the News” sometime soon.

Ideas for next year that I’d love your opinion on:

– Awards as voted on by Enthusiasts: Let’s recognize the best of the best. The idea originated as “Retailer Awards” but why not include breweries and brewpubs?

– Less crawl to the pub crawl; maybe one to three places tops. I get to feel like we try to cover to much ground and pull our group in too many directions. Maybe it’s just me?

-Busier Friday/Later Thursday – 9 am comes early. The only way to start a little later, maybe with breakfast at 9, would be to stretch some business- either presentations or meetings into Friday. As we stretch the time out we may see it harder to keep our registration amounts down below $100, but we are certainly action-packed from Wed to Thursday night right now.

– SPEAKERS – Who would you love to hear from? Presentations or dinner speaker, tell us what you dug about this year or would love to see next year.

Thanks again to everyone that helped make this year a success.



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  • Eric Briggeman says:

    Thank you to everyone behind the scenes who made the conference a success. I agree with a shorter Pub Crawl. It’s been a challenge to see who can do the most damage and still function on Thursday! We could possibly have a couple speakers on Wednesday before the Poker Tournament. Most people have already blown off work on Wednesday anyway. That way whomever is the keynote speaker will still be the climax of the event. As for the keynote, what about a comedian to lighten the mood a little? Just a thought. Great job everyone!


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