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Enthusiast Membership: Contact Info Update

The Michigan Brewers Guild strives to make it easy for Enthusiast members to stay connected. If you missed the latest Enthusiast email notification or otherwise believe your contact information is out of date, please let us know how best to reach you by filling out our Contact Info Update Form and we’ll update our database.


  • Len Stewart says:

    Very confusing on the pre-sale e-mail. I actually registered a friend as a gift and got his e-mail. But I didn’t get one. Then, when you have the link to updated your contact info above, it tells me I don’t have permission to access that page. I don’t want to miss out on the Summer pre-sale!

  • Kathy Watrous says:

    I am still looking for an enthusiast membership card

    • Communications Director says:

      Hi Kathy – thanks for letting us know. I just sent you an email and we’ll get a new card to you ASAP.

  • Tina Sharp says:

    I just renewed memberships for my husband and myself. They expired 4/19/13, so I’m assuming that’s why I didn’t get the email. Can we still get in on the presale now that we renewed?

    • Communications Director says:

      Hi Tina – You’re correct, the pre-sale invitation was only sent out to members who were current on their membership at the time of the invitation (morning of 4/26). We are sticking to a clearly defined deadline regarding membership validity for a number of reasons – operationally, we need to keep the invite & pre-sale process efficient and manageable for our limited staff. We also want to avoid using the pre-sale as a membership drive, but instead offer it as an added benefit for existing Enthusiasts. We understand that a few individuals fall victim to unfortunate timing if their membership expired just a few days before the invite went out, as yours did. For future reference, you can renew your membership ahead of time and your renewal will be valid beginning on the expiration date we have for you in our system, not before – so you could renew a month early without sacrificing a month of member benefits. Thank you for your understanding and continued support of the Enthusiast program. If you have additional concerns, always feel free to email me at

  • Fran Hull says:

    My MBG Enthusiast invitation came to my husband’s email address, and he did not personally receive his. How can his invitation be facilitated ASAP? Thanks!

    • Communications Director says:

      Hi Fran – you and your husband can each complete the form linked to in the post above so that we have both of your current contact info. We’ll update our records and then on Monday 4/29 we’ll send an additional invite to your email address so that you each have one. FYI, each invite allows you to buy 2 tickets for each day of the festival – so if you and your husband are just buying for yourselves, you can do so in the same transaction from just the one invite.

      • Fran Hull says:

        Thanks for the timely response. I have already updated our contact info. We will still need to each purchase two tickets from our individual invites, so we really appreciate you straightening this out. I’ll be looking for the email on the 29th.

        Thanks again!

  • Tim says:

    My MBG Enthusiast card expires 8/31/2013 and i did not receive the invitation email. I just updated my contact. Will I get the invitation on time?

    • Communications Director says:

      I’ve got your contact info on our list, Tim – thanks for filling out the form. You’ll get your invite Monday. Cheers!

  • Paul Nabozny says:

    Same issue as Len above, renewed my wife and received an email addressed to her; didn’t receive one of my own, nor did my wife receive one.
    I just sent an email to you also, just want to cover all the bases…..Thanks.

    • Communications Director says:

      Hi Paul – I just replied to your email. You should be all set, and should receive an invite later today. Let me know if you have any issues.

  • Kevin heaney says:

    Hello , my friend forwarded me the information because I did not recieve the pre sales email and am a current brewers guild member. I don’t want to miss out on the presale!

    • Communications Director says:

      Hi Kevin – we didn’t have an email address on file for you, but I see you filled out the contact info update form. Thanks! You should have just received a pre-sale invite – please email me ( if you didn’t get it. Cheers!

  • jennifer sutherland says:

    Can you please send me the presale email: member#1884

  • John Chigas says:

    My wife and I are both members but only received 1 e-mail (to my e-mail address but under her name) to purchase tickets. I submitted contact updates for both of us to correct the issue and would like to get another invite to purchase 2 more tickets. Can you please help us out with this so we don’t miss out on the pre-sale? Thanks.

    • Communications Director says:

      Hi John – I just sent invite emails to both you & your wife (at your respective email addresses). I see you’ve already clicked through from yours, but Jennifer has not yet. Can you confirm that she still has not received it (also could be in the junk folder)? I can re-send if necessary. Let me know. Thanks!

  • Lauren says:

    Hello, can enthusiast members bring a non-member with them at the regular 1 pm time? Or if someone is entering with the enthusiast pre sale ticket do they need to have the membership card?

    • Communications Director says:

      Hi Lauren – if you are both entering at the regular admission time (1pm on Saturday, 5pm on Friday), you can both get in no problem. Only Enthusiasts can enter an hour early for Enthusiast hour at 12pm (or 4pm Fri.), so if you have a non-Enthusiast friend coming with you at that time, they’ll have to wait until general admission.

  • Amanda Skowronek says:

    Hi—I got my email for #3049 Amanda S. but my husband did not receive his. I updated his contact information and just wanted to cover all my basis so he gets an invitation before the presale is up.

    • Communications Director says:

      Thanks Amanda – we received his contact update and he should have received his invite by now. Let me know if he hasn’t – thanks.

  • Ryan Parker says:

    My wife also didn’t get an invite. I got one to my email with her name on it. Could you send one to her email too please? thanks Ryan

    • Communications Director says:

      Hi Ryan – it looks like we’ve got your address on file for both of you, and our ticket vendor’s invite system removes duplicates, which is why you got an email addressed to your wife. Please email me your wife’s address (I’m and I’ll send her an invite as well. Thanks.

  • Matt Valko says:

    My wife and I are Enthusiast Members and haven’t received an e mail regarding UP Beer Fest pre-sale. Thanks, Matt

    • Communications Director says:

      Hi Matt – I just sent you & your wife email invites for the pre-sale. If you don’t receive them, please let me know by emailing I’ve also asked our membership management team to update their records so you don’t have this issue in the future. I hope that helps. Cheers!

  • Mary Valko says:

    My husband just got his invite. Can I have one? Thanks, Mary

    • Communications Director says:

      Hi Mary – I sent yours at the same time that I sent Matt’s. Please check your spam box – it may have ended up there. If you don’t find it, let me know and I can send another. In the meantime, please add to your safe senders list to ensure proper delivery. Thanks!

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