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Saturday Tickets SOLD OUT Online!

Saturday tickets for the Detroit Fall Beer Festival are no longer available online. Some of the ticket outlets listed in the previous post may still have a few…but there were not very many out there to start with. Friday tickets are still available both online and at the ticket outlets…but we anticipate they will sell out quickly now that Saturday tickets are no longer available. THERE WILL NOT BE TICKETS AVAILABLE AT THE GATE.



  • Lauren says:

    Any idea what ticket outlet I might be able to get the Sat tickets at?

  • Nichole Sanfilippo says:

    Please let me know if you are aware of a place where I can purchase two tickets for Saturday. Thank you so much.

  • DGibb says:

    I had ordered a DD ticket for Saturday for my wife, but never received it and I have since cleaned out my inbox (curse me and my fastidious file management!)

    My wife is not a beer drinker, and if she were, she is 6 months pregnant, so wouldn’t be drinking anyway. Is there any venue through which she could get a DD ticket for Saturday? Please let me know, since she is the ride for three of us, and she has been planning on going and peoplewatching the crazy beer people.

  • Eric Briggeman says:

    As far as I know ALL general admission tickets for Saturday are SOLD OUT.

    DGibb, there will be DD tickets available at the gate on Saturday for your wife. But they are NON-DRINKING tickets and anyone caught drinking with a DD ticket will be kicked out of the Festival.

  • Hannah says:

    Is there no way to secure a DD ticket now? I just want to make sure my ride will be able to get in (she’s pregnant too so can’t drink anyway).

  • Marsha Griffis says:

    Eric, My husband mistakenly purchased Friday tickets over a month ago. I happened to notice this Monday and sent an email to the brewers guild but have not received a reply. He has never purchased them before (I have bought all previous tickets, as far back as the first winter beer festival in Lansing!) We always go on Saturday, as are our friends from CRAFT beer club. Plus, we have a dinner theatre to attend on that Friday. Is it possible to exchange our Friday tickets for Saturday ones, before I kill my husband?
    Thank you for your consideration,
    Marsha Griffis

  • Marsha Griffis says:

    I just checked my email and have received a reply from Shannon at the Brewers Guild. I do believe we will have a satisfactory conclusion! Thanks.

    Marsha Griffis

  • Ben Curl says:

    I booked a bed and breakfast for my family and friends for the event, since we are coming in from out of town for it. I was waiting to pay for some car repairs before I bought my tickets for next Saturday. If anyone knows of a way to buy some, or is willing to sell me some, please let me know. I could try purchasing some for Friday to trade with you, if that would be convenient for you. I am looking for three. Thanks.

  • Ben Curl says:

    I forgot to include my contact info: or 517-745-1808.

  • Phil says:

    The beerfest is a great event and I have been coming from Chicago to visit Detroit and drink the great Michigan beers for the past 2 years. I know that there are typically bands playing throughout the Saturday afternoon that always provide entertainment but I was wondering, with the change of the MSU vs Wisconsin football game, is there any possibility of getting the game on a projection screen somewhere during the event? I think this would add to a tailgate feel that some of us are hoping for as we prepare for the the Tiger’s game that night. Probably not the easiest request to fulfill but I thought it was worth asking.


  • Harrison says:

    So I wanted to know if anyone can recommend some cab companies. Or transportation options LEAVING the festival. I am going to the beer festival on Friday, and can get a ride TO downtown Detroit, but live in Troy, and obviously I DO NOT drink then drive. Busses sorta are non-existant at that time of night. Anyone have any experience with cabs in Detroit?

  • Eric Briggeman says:

    As much as I would like to be able to watch ALL the games going on that day because we will be there cleaning up until late (Michigan, MSU, Tigers), it is not very feasible for us to set-up a TV viewing area at the Festival. Even if we found a dish to use, that would cause a serious traffic-flow problem in the tight space we have at the Market. I know last year there was a group that had the MSU game on the radio and that even started to create a crowd.

    I don’t know the cab companies off the top of my head, but we always list a couple cab phone numbers in the Festival Program.

  • Chelsea says:

    Someone is offering to sell me their tickets to Saturdays event, what do the tickets look like so that I can validate they are legit? I don’t want to get scammed since I’m paying more than face value. Thanks in advance for any help!

    • Eric Briggeman says:

      If the tickets were purchased online they will be printed on 8 1/2″ X 11″ computer paper…every ticket has a unique scannable barcode and unfortunately there wouldn’t be any way to tell if the ticket was a copy until you go to scan it at the gate. If the tickets were purchased at an outlet then they will look like any hard-stock ticket with the event name, location, and date on it.

  • Rob says:

    I have 2 Saturday tickets that have become available. Please respond ASAP if interested. I live in Windsor and will be crossing over for the festival, so the exchange can only take place the day of.


  • Ron Stewart says:

    I’ll take them! if they arent sold yet of course….let me know.

  • Chris says:

    Is there any way to get Saturday tickets at this point? We are looking for four of them? If anybody is selling them, let me know (I live in Royal Oak are).

  • Nichole says:

    Looking for two tickets for Saturday if possible.

  • Jeff says:

    I’m curious if there will be any food available at the festival. If not I will need to make sure I get a good base before hand. But, I know many of the breweries appearing have some great food that I would eat, drink and be merry!!!

  • Paul says:

    Also looking for 2 tickets for Sat

  • Brandon Hiller says:

    I have two tickets that I bought for Saturday and unfortunately we cannot go…. if you want them please send me an email at

    I know it’s last minute but hopefully someone is looking!

  • Greg says:

    Does anyone have one ticket for Saturday?


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