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A Quick Word about Scalpers…

The 2013 Summer Beer Festival is less than a month away and excitement is building. With Saturday tickets sold out already, people who missed the chance to buy them in May & June may be looking for a last-minute way to get tickets secondhand.

While we have taken several steps to minimize the issue of scalping our Beer Festival tickets, it is nearly impossible to eliminate scalping completely. We would like to urge EXTREME caution to anyone considering buying tickets on Craigslist or Stub Hub since they are personally-printed tickets, not normal “hard stock” tickets. These can be photocopied several times, but each barcode will only scan once.

If you purchased tickets from us online, be sure to only share those tickets with the people you bought them for. The MBG is not responsible for duplicate barcodes due to scalper-purchased tickets.

As a reminder, as of July 3rd there are still plenty of Friday tickets left. Many people prefer attending on Friday due to shorter lines and a cooler temperature (since the festival takes place in the evening rather than the middle of the day) – so if you’ve never been to our festival on a Friday before, we encourage you to give it a try.

If Saturday’s your only option, Kuhnhenn Brewing Co. still has tickets available as part of their bus tour departing from the brewery in Warren. Tickets must be paid for in cash at the brewery and participants must actually ride the bus to get the ticket. For more details, call Kuhnhenn Brewing Co. at (586) 979-8361.


  • Jenn says:

    Is a beer list posted anywhere?

    • Communications Director says:

      Hi Jenn – we’re compiling a beer list now and will post to The Mash this week. For now you can see the complete list of participating breweries in our most recent post.

      • Jenn says:

        Thanks, looking forward to the fest! We are coming from Tampa, FL, and starting off our beer-cation with the beer fest 🙂

  • Jon F says:

    Shannon – I have two tickets that I will be unable to use for Saturday that I am looking to sell for face value. Is it appropriate to post this to a comment thread on this website? I understand scalping has been an issue for past fests so I just wanted to check before I post. Thanks.

    • Shannon (Communications Manager) says:

      Yes – please post! Everyone buying second-hand tickets does so at their own risk, and the Michigan Brewers Guild cannot guarantee the authenticity of any of these – but that said, we are certainly not against people making arrangements if they’re willing to assume that risk. Thanks Jon!

    • Celia says:

      Are you still selling your tickets? I am looking for four, but if you have two that’s a start so I may be interested.

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