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Winter Beer Festival SOLD OUT!!!

The 2010 Winter Beer Festival is now Sold Out! On-line ticket sales have been cut-off, and other than a limited number of tickets that remain at select ticket outlets there will be no other tickets available. Please note, there WILL NOT be any tickets available at the gate on the day of the Festival. Tickets for the 2011 Winter Festival go on sale December 1st. Thank you for your continued support of Michigan Beer!


  • Isaac says:

    Well done fellas, well done.

  • Lewis says:

    I’m impressed! That’s five days earlier than last year…

  • David says:

    Grand job, GRAND RAPIDS and the MBG too!

  • Nanci Appell says:

    Are there ANY tickets to be had anywhere? Planned to go all along, but didn’t know I had to get them so far in advance. Would love to work it, just worked the one in TC, but don’t know how to get info on that!

  • Kristin says:

    I just logged on and am so sad to see this is sold out. If anyone knows where else I can snag 2 tix…please respond!

  • Matt says:

    Damn! Anyone got a ticket they need to sell? I’m your buyer!

  • John says:

    What are the other “select ticket outlets” where we can still snag a couple?

  • Victor says:

    Wow, that’s Fantastic!! It’s gonna be another great day for Michigan Beer!!
    Now if the weather holds out…

  • For people still trying to find tickets, scroll down to the MASH post “Ticket Outlets…” and try to call any of these locations. When I called around to them a few days ago most were already sold out, with the exception of a few isolated locations. But that was 3 days ago. At that time I still had over 40 tix at Rochester Mills and the last of those were swiped up Monday morning. The “Chas” post about having tix available was from January… My advice to all of you that missed out – buy them earlier next year 🙂 We put them on sale 3 months in advance for a reason!

  • Jamie says:

    Hey, everyone looking for tickets. In Grand Rapids Schmohz Brewery (on Patterson) still has tickets as well as International Beverage Co. (on East Paris) Hope this helps! I just got mine 🙂

  • Ashley says:

    Just wondering if DD tickets are still available. I just had surgery yesterday and won’t be able to drink but would like to still attend with my friends.

    If they are still available then I have one $35 ticket to the first buyer, but I need to know about the DD tix first. Thanks!

  • Wendy says:

    Looking for 2 tickets for this weekend…..let me know if you have them and I would be willing to drive and pick-up or meet up at the event to pay you for them!! Thanks!

  • Dustin says:

    FYI: Schmohz and International Beverage are both sold out.

  • Juli D. says:

    We have 2 DD’s in our group, but they do not have tickets. Are DD tickets still available the door?

  • Tom says:

    Pretty sure you can get DD tix at the gate and that you dont need them ahead of time….could be wrong however.

  • Rita says:

    ASHLEY – I am interested in buying your ticket!! Please get back to me at

  • Christine says:

    If anyone is looking to sell 2 tickets, I would be willing to pay more than face value! Let me know at, thanks!

  • rob says:

    Any chance of seeing the pdf of the layout so we can plan our attack?

  • B says:

    Yes, please — pre-publish map for the attack!!!

  • Joe says:

    There better be DD tickets available. I attempted to purchase one when I bought my regular ticket at Rochester Mills and was told that I could not get one at that time and had to buy it at the gate. Never had a problem getting one at the gate in the past…

    I’ve been a longtime patron of the Michigan Beer festivals and I’m not going to be happy if I travel all the way out there for nothing because I’m responsible enough to bring a DD!

  • Catherine says:

    Need 1-3 tickets if anyone has them. Please please please. Will pay more for them.

  • Aimee says:

    At the other MBG beer festivals, the DD tickets have been available at the door for $5 day of, with an unlimited number available. I’d imagine it’d be the same for this one, it wouldn’t do them any good to deny 30-50 sober drivers access to the festival.

  • Kristin says:

    Another poor soul looking for tickets to buy. If you end up with 2 extra to sell please email me at

  • Michelle says:

    If you have extra tickets, please contact me at Thank you!

  • Ryan says:

    I’m looking for 2 tickets. Please call me if you have a couple extras. This would be the first Winter Beerfest I would be unable to attend. 5179747343


  • Stanley says:

    I have one possibly two tickets. Meet me at the ticket windows about 11:45.

  • kelly says:

    we have friends coming into town to go to this…we have attended 2x and have always got tickets at the event… anyone know anywhere to get them ???

  • Stanley says:

    I will have one possibly two tickets. See you at the ticket office. 11:45.

  • Derek says:

    I have an extra ticket available and live in GR if anyone still needs one.

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