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Winter Beer Festival SOLD OUT!

Please disregard the previous post that said tickets would be available on-line until midnight, but due to EXTREMELY high ticket sales, we have cut off on-line ticket sales! There is a slim chance that there will be very few tickets available at the gate in the morning but your best bet to get a ticket at this point is to find a local brewery that still has some available. Hopefully you’re one of the lucky 2000 people that were able to get a ticket! See you Saturday.


  • Rick says:

    Enjoyed the festival but I have a suggestion, Why not rent the entire 5/3 upper deck and utilize more space? It would be covered in case of rain or snow, provide more elbow room and provide more bathrooms.

  • Christian Colby says:

    So bummed, I drove down from Petoskey only to be turned away. Saturday was such a perfect day, I wish I could have been part of the festival. I’m pleased the festival was such a big hit. I’ll have to make sure to order earlier next year.

  • David Urquhart says:

    To Bad it sold out!! I WAS there, however many problems that plagued last years festival haunted this one too!!! Starters, the guy above missed out,wasn’t there supposed to be more tix at this bigger venue? Porto Johns were few and far between? Beers in the cold usually mean lots of pee time,lets add more(look at the summer festival amounts)Also the biggest mistake was not using the WHOLE concourse, this created the same jams of people that 2007 festival had!!!Finally on a personal note, seems there were few Enthusiasts who entered early to enjoy this extra beertime.Where were most of the brewerys?Some had difficult times with beerlines being frozen.Some just were not there ( I counted 3 arriving at 11:40am).Lets consider moving this to an indoor facility next year!!!Really, when you have one day to do this, you’d think you would have anticipated these kinds of set backs.So guy from Petoskey, save your money and come to the summer festival instead!!!!

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