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Winter Beer Festival Tickets on sale NOW!

Tickets went on sale December 1st for the 6th Annual Winter Beer Festival. You can purchase them online HERE, or at the additional ticket outlets listed below:

Beggar’s Banquet – East Lansing ***SOLD OUT***
New Holland Brewing Co. – Holland ***SOLD OUT***
Rochester Mills Beer Co. – Rochester ***SOLD OUT***
Motor City Brew Tours (bus package) ***SOLD OUT***
Wolverine State Brewing Co. – Ann Arbor ***SOLD OUT***
International Beverage – Grand Rapids ***SOLD OUT***
Schmohz Brewing Co. – Grand Rapids ***SOLD OUT***
Siciliano’s Market – Grand Rapids ***SOLD OUT***
Liquid Table – Metro Detroit ( ***SOLD OUT***
The Livery – Benton Harbor ***SOLD OUT***
Foran’s Grand Trunk Pub – Detroit ***SOLD OUT***
Olde Peninsula Brewpub – Kalamazoo ***SOLD OUT***
Dragonmead Microbrewery – Warren ***SOLD OUT***
Old Hat Brewing Co. – Lawton ***SOLD OUT***
Old Boys’ Brewhouse – Spring Lake ***SOLD OUT***
Michigan Brewing Co. – Webberville ***SOLD OUT***
Arbor Brewing Co. – Ann Arbor ***SOLD OUT***
Corner Brewery – Ypsilanti ***SOLD OUT***
Merchants Fine Wine – Dearborn ***SOLD OUT***
The Hideout – Grand Rapids ***SOLD OUT***
Liberty St. Brewing Co. – Plymouth ***SOLD OUT***
Hopcat – Grand Rapids ***SOLD OUT***
Big Rapids Brewing Co. (Bus package available) – Big Rapids ***SOLD OUT***
Royal Oak Brewery – Royal Oak ***SOLD OUT***
Kuhnhenn Brewing Co. – Warren ***SOLD OUT***
Chester Emmons Bus Trips from Paw Paw/Kalamazoo (call 269.720.6176) ***SOLD OUT***
Grand River Grocery – Ada ***SOLD OUT***

The Festival is Saturday, February 26th, 2011 from 1-6pm and it takes place at Fifth Third Ballpark in Comstock Park just north of Grand Rapids. Michigan Brewers Guild Enthusiast Members are allowed in the Festival at Noon. For more information about the event click HERE.


  • Brian says:

    WHY ….. REALLY WHY is there NO PLACE to get tickets NORTH of Spring Lake???? Look at your locations …… Detroit, GR, Lansing. Why not Grayling, Traverse City or ANYTHING in the Upper Peninsula?

  • Eric Briggeman says:

    The ticket outlets are places that REQUESTED to sell tickets. Unfortunately we can’t make anyone sell tickets… Many people just don’t want the responsibility of handling the cash value of tickets they may be selling.

  • Chris says:

    Detroit Beer Co. is not selling tickets to the Winter Beer Festival. I just stopped in there (should have taken the advice and called before!) and the bartender at first said they weren’t selling them, then said they might be selling them at their little festival on Feb. 5th, then said he wasn’t sure and would check with the GM. He went up to talk to the GM and came back saying that they are not and will not be selling tickets to the Winter Beer Fest (although they will be participating). He said they only sell tickets for the summer festival since it is on their side of the state.

    When I was walking out, I talked to one of the brewers and he said he thought they were selling the Winter Beer fest tickets on Feb. 5th (during their festival). But then he said if the GM says there are no tickets, there are no tickets.

    So not sure what is going on here. Perhaps they are holding the tickets until next weekend during their event (increase attendance?)? Not sure, but if so, it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth – although it’s probably their prerogative to do so.

    Hopefully some other breweries have some tickets (that are available for sale at the time) in the Metro Detroit area. I will be calling ahead this time!

  • Jason Sigal says:

    Tickets at Grand River Grocery sold out on the 26th (just an fyi- I work there). 🙂

  • David says:

    I live in Windsor,ON and picked up tix 2 weeks ago at Foran’s Grand Trunk Pub-Detroit.I agree with Chris.There should be more locations in Detroit that sell the tickets.I think this is the earliest this festival has sold out.What about Slows,Atwater,or any other Michigan beer loving/selling/producing/marketing establishment? I’ve said it before, it’s a win/win for all if the tickets are sold where a person can actuallly try some Michigan beer then purchase tickets.Sorry Chris-maybe try Dragonmead,Kuhnhenn or Royal Oak Brewery…..

  • Monk says:

    Truly Winter Beer Fest has grown over the years, gone 3yrs, this year isn’t looking promising. Please do update the site seeing that I called most of the places the saturday to find them all saying that they were also sold-out. I think maybe they should allow for another thousand tickets, seeing that more and more come each year due to word of mouth.

  • Bob says:

    Website states : You will have the opportunity to choose additional tickets later.

    Will we be able to purchase tickets on line in the next week or so or not. Are the ONLY tickets that will be available are at the 2 or 3 places left that have 5-10 tickets.

  • Joe says:

    Beggar’s Banquet – East Lansing is sold out.

  • Craig says:

    I’m in Ferndale and have an extra ticket if anyone is looking.

    theblackmallard at gmail dot com

  • Kelly says:

    I’m new to this… really there are NO MORE TICKETS? I find it strange. I live in Metro Detroit area and need 2 tix. Can anyone help me out? Trying to surprise husband for his b-day. THANKS!!!

  • Megan says:

    Does anyone know if I can purchase a Designated Driver ticket AT the event? I promised my friends I would drive them and now I can’t get a DD ticket online. Thanks!

  • Drew says:

    I found these for auction on eBay.. I am bidding on one of them… So leave that one for me… Got my fingers crossed.. Peace

  • Jenny J says:

    Does anyone have just ONE (1) ticket? I got mine a while back, however, my friend would really like to go as he has never been. Just ONE ticket.

    jennytiocwt at gmail dot com

  • nikki says:

    I am coming up from texas and was wondering if there would be tickets available at the door? Here our venues sell out online but reserve some for the door…does anyone know if michigan does it the same way?

  • David says:

    Wow…Glad I got ’em a month ago.MBG do not make more available, just make them available earlier NEXT year.

  • Jenny J says:

    I am selling my ticket!! Please email me ASAP!

    jennytiocwt at gmail dot com

  • Jenny J says:

    UPDATE: I have SOLD my ticket! TY

  • mike says:

    im sorry but the michigan brewers guild should put a stop to people selling fest tickets on ebay and the person that sold theirs for 88$ should be ashamed of them selfs the brewers bust theirs butts to put this on and they dont do it to turn profit but because its a passion:)

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